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Ubuntu Concept Cursors for Windows

Another Cool Windows Cursors for all of you, and I would like to share this nice Ubuntu Cursors Concept for Windows, created by icey-net from dA community… Authors Note: INSTALLATION ‘READ ME’: Right-click the setup.inf file and select Install. If you wish to install the blue version, right-click setup-Blue.inf and, again, select Install. As per popular request and thanks to ~seahorsepip, the UbuntuConcept cursors are now available as standard Windows Cursors. Everybody give a big hug and thanks to ~seahorsepip for converting these...read more

Download Windows 8 Release Preview Mouse Cursors for Windows

For those who haven’t tried Windows 8 Release Preview yet, and would like to Install and use the Windows 8 Mouse Cursors that comes with it. You can download it below… Windows 8 mouse cursors that comes with release preview are a bit different from the Windows 7 Aero cursors, well, only small changes you can see on the preview above. Changes of the Windows 8 RP Cursors from Windows 7 are the working in background, busy, and link cursor, a bit of metro style. How To Install? Extract the .zip file that you downloaded, inside the extracted file ...read more

Windows Vista Aero Cursors

I been searching around for Nice, Clean RTM Aero Cursors yesterday and Ive found the perfect Aero Cursors by Herby this was posted in www.neowin.net…It comes with different colors: Gold, Black and the Default Aero w/ different versions also; comes in with Shadow and non-Shadow plus package with Tail and Tailless Aero Cursors.. Looks great, right? :) ...read more

5 Elegant Black Cursors for Windows

Are you bored with your default aero mouse cursors in your windows desktop? then check this 5 elegant black cursors… This elegant black cursors are a must have for a windows desktop user and I know you will surely like this collection, so choose one of your desire, or download them all. (Note: To download the cursors just click the image) Adwaita Cursors by CoDZoYeR Extenza PRO Cursor Pack by eFOX-hun Moonshile v3 by VovanR Obsidian Cursor Pack v1.0 by teft Eclair Cursors Pack by MagnumHearted ...read more

Windows Aero White Tailless Mouse Cursors for XP/Vista

Aero Cursors are very common nowadays, because it’s the default cursors in windows since vista came out, and even on windows 7, still it is the default one. How about a little change of its aero cursors? a tailless aero cursors would be a nice touch. to download just click the preview image.. How to Install: After downloaded you need to extract it using WinRAR or 7Zip extract the folder, open the folder, then right-click the .INF file, then select Install in the context menu. How to apply: after following the procedure above, just go to Cont...read more