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Download Simple 8 Theme Final for Windows 7 [New Version]

A Windows 7 Aero and Windows 8 Developer Preview inspired theme for Windows 7 users.

Simple 8 Theme for Windows is finally out for public use. Here I am sharing you the final version and I really put a lot of time making this theme to make simplest theme but still it looks nice, no fancy, no too much eye candy theme that for long time of use you will not get bored.

Simple 8 Theme Final makes you more productive than any other fancy theme you have, when using it on your Windows 7 PC, because you wont noticed when using this theme and that you can focus on what you do to make your job done.

So, without any further a due, here is Simple 8 Theme Final Free for download.

Simple 8 Theme Final

(Click here for full preview)

What are the changes on the final version than the 1st release of Simple 8 Theme?

well, there are a lot of minor changes, like images are enhanced, changed, shadows, fixes and many other minor details to make it more cleaner & clearer aero effect.

I would like to thank and give credits to great artist in helping me out to make this theme elegant & simple windows 7 theme ever.

fediaFedia, panda-x, jtc42, thebroken0ne, leosss, ap-graphik, zainadeel, Velix94 & djeos546

all of those great artists mentioned makes Simple 8 Theme into a useful visual style that I think everybody will like 😉

We also recommend you to use the Simple 8 Wallpaper Pack that we have previously posted.

If you have any questions or any other queries, please drop a comment below. Thank you and I hope you will love it. Enjoy.

Update 1: (please re-download)
Fix some minor bugs
Shutdown Button Text change to black added glow
Scroll Bars Left/Right/Up/Down Hover
Move/Progress Bar minor modification

Download Simple 8 Theme Final for Windows 7
Download Hits: 23194 – Filetype: .rar – Size:

Note: If you have downloaded Simple 8 Theme Final from other sites/forums/sharing site be sure to check the hashtag of the file to confirm its untouched/unmodified source than the one posted here.

CRC32: 1E6C14F0
MD5: A4789CC24E6D23D054B8B8BE29E19C35
SHA-1: B8CF5B22821B1235F0D766C7E7A9740471921093

Update 2: Easy Setup Installer file of Simple 8 Theme for easy setup on your Windows 7.
Note: This update is a revamped version of Simple 8 Theme Final (Revamped version is different from the final release)

Download Simple 8 Theme Revamped (Setup File)
Download Hits: 8806 – Filetype: .zip – Size: 1.09 MB

14 Replies to “Download Simple 8 Theme Final for Windows 7 [New Version]”

  1. yet

    Thanks a lot bud.

  2. Esco140

    Your site is great friend, greetings

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  4. yet

    I want you to Please Try it and give us some feedbacks. Thank you.

  5. sheppi

    What is changed in revamped version? Thanks

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  7. yet

    download it. extract the contents to your desktop.
    copy Simple 8.theme and Simple 8 folder from the extracted archive to;
    now go to your desktop > right-click > Personalize
    and choose Simple 8 from the lists of Installed themes. Enjoy.
    Note: You’ll need to patch your Windows with UXTheme Multi-Patcher to be able to use 3rd party themes (VS), if you havent done it already.

  8. Xagx

    how to use it?

  9. yet

    you’re welcome…

  10. ajeet

    thanks 🙂

  11. yet

    are u talking about the Icons i used in the Windows 7 Taskbar? If yes, then you can get Q-oob icons from here.

  12. ajeet

    Where to get quicklauch bar icons ?

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