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Glow Air Final Theme for Windows 7

Sharp, Clear, Smooth Cornered Edges and Elegance in a Theme is what I describe in Glow Air Final Theme for Windows 7…


New Features:
New Office 14-like Window Frames
New taskbar & taskbar pinned button
New Jumplist
New Shellstyle
New Start buttons
New item buttons
and more…
Included in the pack:
Glow Air Visual Style
System files (explorer.exe,shell32.dll and explorerframe.dll)
Uxtheme patcher

Authors Note: I’m no longer supporting GA 1.If you want to use this on SP1,port it yourself or wait for Glow Air 2 – which is still in progress.

Full Screenshots and More Info of Glow Air Final by kAtz93 can be viewed here.

This is for Windows 7 SP0 supports x86 and x64 bits OS. You can also use this in SP1 but you can only apply the theme not the .dll’s and exe’s inside the pack because it’s not for Windows 7 SP1.

Download Glow Air Final Theme for Windows 7