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Customize Your Windows XP Clock Tray with TClock Light

Customize your Windows XP Clock Tray that looks like Windows 7 Clock Tray using TClock Light Freeware application… Yes you can make your Windows XP Default Tray Clock to look like Windows 7 Tray Clock. Windows XP Default Clock Tray Customized Windows XP Clock Tray with TClock Light Its easy to use and its a portable application, no need to install or run any setup. Download it from link below and extract it to a folder of your choice, then Open tclock.exe, now right-click your tray clock and choose TClock Properties, from their you can custom...read more

Remove Minimize to Tray Icon in IDM

Are you annoyed on Internet Download Manager download progress minimize to tray icon? Here’s a way to remove it, and make your IDM download progress window cleaner user interface. I have been using IDM (Internet Download Manager) for quite sometime now, and I love IDM, from how it handles my downloading behaviour, besides from that, it downloads faster than other download manager. If you want to try it, you can go and download IDM from the official homepage, and try the trial period of 30 days. (Note: This is for educational and customization p...read more

Windows 7 ICON Pack for XP

This icon pack has been built using IconTweaker. IconTweaker is a freeware and a good alternative to IconPackager, which is a paid software. In order to change your Windows XP icons using IconTweaker, you need to first download and install the program. This Windows 7 Icon theme includes all Windows 7 shell icons for Start Menu, Folders, Network Connections, drives, files and Desktop. It also includes beautiful and transparent Windows 7 cursors. Download Windows 7 ICON Pack by dkszone...read more

Useful Customization Tools for Windows

Wanted to customize your windows xp, windows vista or windows 7 the way you want? we all know that there are many customization packs on the web you can download, but we wanted to customize our windows manually from our own creation or resources. so in this article i will show you some of the tools that you will need on customizing windows. The tools i am going to mention here are not affiliated with me. so use this tools at your own risk and I won’t take responsible for breaking your windows. Replacer – is an easy to use system fil...read more

Simple 8 Custom Start Menu Button for Simple 8 Theme

It’s time for another Custom Start Menu Button for Windows 7 I made, this Start Menu button is perfect combination for our Simple 8 Theme for Windows 7. Previously we shared you our Simple 8 Theme for Windows 7 which got too many downloads in just a few days and still counting, we received good feedbacks posted on different site’s like WinMatrix (got featured from their homepage), and deviant ART community and other social networking site’s. Some of our members and friends, made a suggestions on make a complete package of the theme, like Explo...read more

Download Metro Start Button for Windows 7

We all knew that Windows 8 will be out by 2012, and recently we saw some Windows 8 previews/screenshots… and the main feature of Windows 8 is the Metro Style of it. Now, many theme creators of windows 7 and customizers took the concept and apply it to our Windows 7 to make it Windows 8 Metro look. So, I decided to make also a Metro-ish Style Start Button in Windows 7, well, its only a concept of mine too ;) Do you like it? coz I do love it. If you want to try this Metro Start Button concept you can download it from the link below, and also yo...read more

Customize your Details Pane in Windows Vista Explorer

Customize your Details Pane in Windows Vista Explorer without using any programs.. How to Install/Apply Just Copy shellstyle.dll to: "C:WindowsResourcesThemesYOUR THEME NAMEShellNormalColor.." C: is the driver letter where your windows vista installed. More styles, click the link read more articles in this entry.. All the previews and styles are applied the same way, Just Copy shellstyle.dll inside the pack to: "C:WindowsResourcesThemesYOUR THEME NAMEShellNormalColor.." YOUR THEME NAME is the name of your Theme using, e.g. ...read more

Easy Way to Customize Your Google Homepage

Hello guys, I just wanted to share this to you… Make your Google homepage from this; to this; Easy as 1-2-3 ;) First you have to login to your google account, then after you’ve logged-in, go to google.com when you move your mouse you can see left-side below the page Change Background Image.. (Click thumbnail image for larger preview) Click that link and you’ll see a dialogue box where you can choose from picasa web photos, public gallery, or browse from your computer.. (Click thumbnail image for larger preview) now click an image and click ...read more

Large Icons in QuickLaunch Taskbar

Use Large Icons in your QuickLauch Taskbar.. First is you have to unlock your Taskbar. Right-Click your Taskbar > Uncheck Lock the Taskbar. then after that Right-Click inside the QuickLaunch Bar > View > and Select Large Icons.. Thats it! Easy as 1-2-3 .. U can now Lock the Taskbar again.. ...read more