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Customize your Details Pane in Windows Vista Explorer

Customize your Details Pane in Windows Vista Explorer without using any programs..

How to Install/Apply
Just Copy shellstyle.dll to:
“C:WindowsResourcesThemesYOUR THEME NAMEShellNormalColor..”

C: is the driver letter where your windows vista installed.

More styles, click the link read more articles in this entry..

All the previews and styles are applied the same way,

Just Copy shellstyle.dll inside the pack to:
“C:WindowsResourcesThemesYOUR THEME NAMEShellNormalColor..”

YOUR THEME NAME is the name of your Theme using, e.g.

Just Copy shellstyle.dll to:

Hope you’ll like it and Enjoy..

Don’t hesitate to post your comments/suggestions or anything you want to ask. Thank you.

(to download just click the preview image below)..

All the styles are originally and designed by me.

This is applicable to all Windows Vista versions; (Ultimate,Home Premium, Basic, Enterprise) SP1 or RTM.. also you must enable Details Pane in explorer; Open Explorer > Organize > Layout > Details Pane, and to take the changes effect, Select other themes other the one that you installed the shellstyle, apply > then re-select the theme where you installed the shellstyle. Enjoy..

Note: I am not taking responsible if you encounter problems with your PC, while applying this, so far, I don’t have any problems with my Windows Vista Ultimate SP1(this is just a basic customization)..

One Reply to “Customize your Details Pane in Windows Vista Explorer”

  1. zulkhairi hamzah

    can you explain in detail how you edit shellstyle.dll please..