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The iPad ruins the market of netbooks

Katy Huberty from Morgan Stanley has conducted the research and found out that netbooks being so popular today began to lose their popularity, and therefore their sales, after iPad’s launching.

The first sales slumps were detected in January after overexposure over the forthcoming iPad’s launching and afterwards its presentation. But then all foes of the iPad assured that this showing is easily explained with sales seasonality.

Two months have gone and during the official market launching there has been detected 5% slumping sales of netbooks, one month later this value is detected to be increasing.

Morgan Stanley has estimated that 44% of portable PC owners have expressed their willingness to use the iPad as notebook substitute, 28% of eReader market is ready to change to the iPad, 44% of the iPod Touch owners are planning to purchase Apple tablet computer.

It is difficult to say so far whether the market of netbooks is sentenced, however, tendency shows that it definitely has to move a little.