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Micro SIM card for the iPad 3G with your own hands

Our do-it-yourself column is up-and-doing, today we are making micro SIM cards for the iPad 3G. So, in order to do this we need:

– mini SIM card with dimensions of 15*25 mm, that is common phone card (it’s better to take an old and useless one, for tests);
– ruler;
– marker;
– some sharp cutting object.

Don’t forget that skillful hands are requested :) . Making is incredibly simple: take common SIM card, measure 12*15 mm, mark line of the cut, remove unnecessary plastic and voila! Your micro SIM is ready! And Until mobile operators started the deliveries of new cards, we will make them ourselves as our pleasure shouldn’t depend on somebody else.

Yes, it works just fine with EDGE

One Reply to “Micro SIM card for the iPad 3G with your own hands”

  1. Cahluma

    ok, that's great ! what about the gsm networking ? with iPad works with any sim ??