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The iPad is so simple…

After the iPad announcement there appeared a lot of opponents of this device who focus on its disadvantages – no multitasking, no conventional USB, no Flash etc. Most of these imperfections are far-fetched, some part of them will be corrected in course of time and such as Flash will hardly appear ever at all, I am inclined to suppose that Apple will win this war and eradicate this technology.

However, there is huge potential behind all these disadvantages and above all there is ease of use. Only now many people begin to realize and estimate this really revolutionary device’s facilities.

You can make sure of the iPad’s simplicity watching the video where two and a half years old girl is playing with new iPad as if she was born with it. Looking at her we can positively affirm that she has already coped with the iPhone also.

If there still are people who doubt they will manage with the iPad’s taming they should by all means watch the video where cat is playing with the iPad in a carefree-way:

Do you still have any scruples?!