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The iPad is in danger!

Rivalry in advertisement is really terrible thing and some people take literally the unspoken rule “suppress your rival!” That is why videos about “killing” various devices appear in the Internet like mushrooms after the summer rains. This time it was Apple iPad that fell into crazies’ hands. Well, watch the video:

fungo advertisement:

golf-club advertisement:

PC World advertisement:

and of course, blender:

Savages! So many people have been waiting for the iPad for so long, they’ve been sweating enormous lines out, paying colossal sums of money to be amongst the first who got the iPad and they’ve just been breaking, dropping, pouring over with coffee, washing under the tap Steve Job’s creation. Though, there is fake in the video about golf-club that is obvious at the end of the video on close-up, and there is the iPad which has been already damaged in the video about PC World.