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Do you have a lot of money? Then go to eBay

We eager the iPad so much! Fingers itch, the eyes glow in expectation. However, many of those wishing the iPad live not in the USA and don’t have the opportunity to estimate new Apple device immediately after its launching. These are ready to do anything Cupertino company fans who pay their hard-earned money to intermediate sellers who in turn charge sky-high prices for the iPad.

eBay is currently an absolute leader in maximal price for the iPad. For example, one man paid $5,000 for a 64GB Wi-Fi iPad which would cost him only $699 in the USA. One more fan from Great Britain paid $5.500 for the tablet. As for me this is a bit foolish or… maybe it is one more Apple advertisers’ publicity stunt.

Still, we advice to wait as the iPad will not escape and all the more 1.000 dollars won’t be spare ever.