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Google Gmail and GCal Redesign

Gmail Redesigned is a CSS Stylesheet for Google‘s Gmail service. It is a single file which is loaded locally overtop of the Gmail website to change its look and feel.

Gmail Redesigned is designed to work with the Newer and Older versions of Gmail and designed to work with any language currently supported by the service.

Gmail Redesigned is also available as part of the Better Gmail 2 extension, although it is not officially supported with the add-on scripts also available there. Even though we work closely with the developers of the Better Gmail 2 extension, we provide no guarantee that the version of the Redesigned style available via the extension will be the latest, stable version. If you wish to use the most up-to-date version of Gmail Redesigned, you should do so through the Installation instructions provided above.

This is an open source project, which means we welcome all suggestions, comments and bug reports. You can submit your feedback at the Gmail Redesigned Forums.

Globex Designs and Gmail Redesigned are not officially affiliated with Google or any Google products.

Gmail Redesign

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