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Block Selected Sites Using NOD32 Home Edition

Wanted to block some or specific sites in any browser in your PC?

If you don’t know what application can handle that but you already have a NOD32 Anti-virus installed, then you can use that to block specific sites you want.

Let’s Start!

Right-click NOD32 Tray icon > choose Advanced Setup… (I’m using NOD32 Home Edition in this demo)


Then choose, Address Management > List of Blocked addresses/mask
then at the bottom, choose Add (see preview below)


Then add the url/sites you want to block,

Example we want to block, just add it with asterisk (*) before and after the specific url, e.g. **


So, any url that have will be block.

Click OK, and then OK to apply your settings…

That’s all! You can add more sites that you want to block…

Try to open the site you have entered in block list, the page won’t be loaded or/and can’t be opened in any browser you have 😉

Any other tips or application you have in my mind?
Please share it to us below in comment area. Thank you.