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How To Extract Wallpapers in Windows 7 Themepacks

Wanted to use the wallpapers from Windows 7 Themepacks into your Windows Vista or Windows XP Desktop?

Many Microsoft Windows 7 Themepacks have a cool desktop background, but it can only be use in Windows 7. In this little tutorial, i will guide how easy to use that background in Windows Vista or Windows XP.

Tools you will need:

  • Download the Windows 7 Themepacks of your choice that comes with the nice desktop background that you like, save it to any location you want (e.g. Desktop).
  • Download 7zip and install it in your windows desktop.
  • Now that we have the resources and tools we need.

    Lets get Started

    All we need is to right-click the Windows 7 Themepacks and choose 7-zip in context menu and select Open Archive or Extract files or whatever that suites you, we will use Open Archive in this tutorial.

After clicking the command, it will open up the 7-zip application and displays the contents of the themepack.


Just double-click the folder DesktopBackground and you will see all the wallpapers you wanted


Now you can drag the image you want or extract it all to a folder you want and use that image as your desktop wallpaper, easy right? 😀

The quickest way is to right-click the themepack and use the Extract command, the method above Open Archive we use is to select only the image you want to extract not all of them.

That’s all for this little guide. Hope this gives you an idea. Thank you…

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