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Google URL Shortener Addons for Firefox

Shortened long URL for easy share to facebook, twitter or any social networking you want, or share it to an email, forums, or your own website…

There are many url shortener services out there and what i frequently use and my favorite is the google url shortener service. Google URL Shortener is currently available for Google products and not for broader consumer use.
Now, i am going to share you this addons for firefox.

It is called Cutyfox URL Shortener

Short too long URLs with only a single click and get them copied shortened into your clipboard.
You can generate or links.

Just download it and and restart your firefox after installation.

when your done installing it and restarted your firefox, go to your firefox addons menu.

from menu bar TOOLS > ADDONS.
and select Cutyfox URL Shortener and Click Options;


after clicking options, click Shortener Tab and select (Beta)


now click Interface Tab, choose where you want the addons icons placement area,

either Show Toolbar Button, Show Addressbar Button or Show Statusbar Button.


I chooses Show StatusBar Button, which will appears in your firefox statusbar

its up to you what you prefer and suitable for easy access anytime while browsing.


now you’re good to go, any site you are currently viewing in your firefox and wanted to share it to others in short url format, just click that icon in your firefox status bar, and it is automatically copied to your windows clipboard, ready to be pasted anytime you want (CTRL+V) shortcut key for paste.

and also you can right-click any URL in a webpage and shorten the link for sharing,


That’s it. Simple and quick.

You might want to try also;

Shorten URL addons – it has more services you can choose for. ( is not working for that addon right now as of posting date, maybe for the updated version it will be fixed)

Supports more than 100 URL shorteners:
2 Short.Url (,,, 2Zeus,,,, 9mp,, abbr,,,,,,,,,,, COGE.LA,, DiggBar,,,, Foxy URL, (default),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,!, Kisa.Ch,,,, Kots.Nu, ktzros,, Lincr, Linkee, LinksPreadeR (, LinxFix,,,,,,, Metamark (,, micURL, min2me, MinURL, Moourl,,,, nd url,,,,,,,, PiURL, Plurl,,, Puke.It,,, Qurl,,,,, rename!me (,, RIMS,,, RubyURL,,, Sexy URL (,, ShadyURL, shorl,,, Shorten4Charity (,,, Shrtn,, siteous,,, SMFU, Snipie, SnipURL (,,,, StumbleUpon (, TightURL, TimesURL,,,, TinyURL,,,,,,,,,, Tweetburner (,,, (,, UiopMe,,, URL.AG,, URL (un)faker, urlBorg,, urlG,, urloo, urlShort (, urlShort (,,, urlzen,,, Virl,, Voizle, VTC,,, XORTR (,,,,, Z.PE,,,,, ZipMyURL, ZZ.GD

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