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Create or E-mail addresses

Our friend Andy from TWC has shared us on how to create a and custom e-mail addresses, and its so easy to make one. E-mail address
If you want to create a e-mail, just create a new e-mail from and choose english in language choices, and fill-up the form for your new e-mail… emailor If you want a custom e-mail address, just create a new one from and again fill up the form for your new email.

Thanks again to Andy for sharing this to us.

5 Replies to “Create or E-mail addresses”

  1. yet

    Just follow the link from the article, and sign-up for a new email…

  2. Aaa

    Hi I need to make email address

  3. yet

    you’ll need to create or sign-up a new e-mail account by clicking the link posted…

  4. Ovawilliamyarua

    I need to set up my new email address

  5. Ovawilliamyarua

    hi  am  ova and need you to set my email address