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Custom Shortcut Key to Open your Favorite Program

Do you usually open your most used apps from Start Menu? or Create a shortcut to Desktop so you can quickly double click it to open or Pin to Taskbar (Windows 7)?

How about create a shortcut key to your Favorite program to open it instantly without any additional application…

Here’s the basic way to do that…

In our example we will add shortcut key to Firefox, so that you can open it instantly without using any other application or using your mouse, instead we will just add a Custom Shortcut key to it, so you can open it just a press of a keyboard…

Okay, lets get on with it.

First, navigate to your start menu
Start Menu
Now, right-click your Favorite program and select Properties.


in Properties dialogue box, go to Shortcut tab and Click Shortcut Key box


now, just press a shortcut key combination you want for that application, then click OK.
I used CTRL+ALT+F everytime i press that key, it will open Firefox instantly.

Hope this simple tips helps you and give you an idea.
Thank you very much.

3 Replies to “Custom Shortcut Key to Open your Favorite Program”

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    this is very usefull for starters and to geeks that uses too many apps for just a simple task