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Vertigo Rogue: Helicopter Simulation Meets GTA

In Vertigo Rogue created by Brainphant you play the role of an con who is forced to complete various missions in order to rescue his daughter Emily from your ex-cell mate Luigi whos connections with the mob provided the hole in your jail cell and the helicopter in which to escape.

In vertigo rouge you will be tasked with doing various tasks for the mob. Such missions include shooting down cars, motorcycles, pedestrians, stopping court cases, spilling oil on the road, blowing up boats in the harbor etc. in order to please Luigi and convince him to give back your daughter.

There are a total of 6 chapters including a prologue and an epilogue. Each episode consists of a storyline at the start and then a game where you have to do what Luigi wants. Each episode has a different amount of scenes for a total of 38 all together.

Reign death from above but watch out civilians are armed and dangerous as well

The gameplay consists of you in control of a helicopter. You have to use a very unique control system to pilot your helicopter. The controls are somewhat tricky to figure out and took me many many times before I got a hang on them. You must press and hold two virtual buttons that appear on the left and right of the screen. Pull the buttons apart to move up in the air and pull them together to land. Move the buttons forward or backward to move in that respective direction.

You can also move one button in front of the other like you are rotating in order to rotate the helicopter at an angle. You also have a health and fuel gauge on the sides of the screen
that you must watch carefully so that you do not fail the mission. There are various fuel tanks and health power ups to pick up along your way during your mission. Your helicopter is equipped with a standard gun, to fire simply tap one of the buttons.

You can also find seven different weapons upgrades to use on your mission including heat seeking missiles and a machine gun. All are effective in their own way so you need to choose wisely based on your current objective. A target is placed below your helicopter so you can easily target your victims. You must successfully hit your targets multiply times to destroy them. Cars and other targets zoom around streets and buildings making it hard to shoot them down. You must steer carefully and fly around high towers. Be careful not to take too much damage and some of your opponents even fire back.

Expect plenty of Dog Fights like this Fighter Jet to engange in Vertigo Rouge

The city backdrop is a fully rich 3D environment and it is pretty neat flying around the city and seeing a virtual world in the palm of your hand. The graphics are pretty solid but could use a little enhancing to make them look more crisp especially the menus. A nice touch is the optional use of 3D glasses. Get out your old pair of blue and red 3D glasses and you will have a great 3D experience. I took my old pair out and really enjoyed it. It did make the missions a little bit harder to see what was going on but it is still a very fun way to play. The music and sounds of the game are great and make you feel like you are on a secret mission. The city is also filled with many sounds such as police sirens and cars. It is a truly a great part of the game.

Overall this game is truly an innovative game and to be made by only one person it is simply genius. The controls are the main issue in the game but once you figure out how to control your helicopter you will enjoy it and have fun in no time. They are very innovative controls and really feel like this is how a helicopter is truly controlled in real life.

The graphics and music are great and emerge you in this new world of crime and mischief. Multiply episodes and scenes make for long amounts of game play and a great storyline makes the game even better. I highly recommend this game to fans of flight simulators or gamers who like those crime spree games. You will have fun even if you don’t enjoy those two genres, I myself am not of fan of those but I simply could not put this one down. This game will remain on my device for some time.

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4 Replies to “Vertigo Rogue: Helicopter Simulation Meets GTA”

  1. JCman7

    I also know of one other game that has 3D and thats the game Venger really cool it has many options for 3D as well for different colored lenses

  2. JCman7

    1st gen touch! It was fine its just a color patter of red and blue so it shouldnt be taxing I dont think. I didnt have any trouble

  3. Michael

    Wow, that’s good to know old hardware works fine! Will give this a go the very moment I find some red and blue tined lenses!

  4. Michael

    Interesting to see its implementing 3D! Would love to try it just for that… just that I don’t have those old classic 3D glasses. Will it suffice to just stick some transparent red and green plastic sheets over my spectacles?

    Also, what hardware are you testing on? 3D should be taxing the hardware more, and I’ve only got the classic iPhone 2G.