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Babylonian Twins: A Puzzle Platformer That Raises The Bar

Master Chief and Cortano, Mario and Lugi, Sonic and Tails. These are just a few of the dynamic duo’s who names have transcended their original consoles and have became household names in gaming communities all around the world. Apple while having a staple of great and exclusive titles hasn’t been able find that magical duo which helps define gaming on their platforms yet. Today Hailing from ancient Iraq a pair of twin brothers Blasir and Nasir make their case for stardom in what is arguable the best platform game to be released on either the iPhone or iPad gaming devices to date.

Babylonian Twins takes place in ancient Iraq where you take turns playing the twins who are forced to deal with an evil sorcerer who is disrupting the lands. The brothers take it upon themselves to fight back and restore peace within Babylon by utilizing their intellect and special abilities granted them since birth. Blasir was blessed with the ability to jump high and dash into walls instantly breaking them and creating new pathways for adventure as well as being a excellent swordsmen. His brother Nasir was blessed with the ability to spin like a tornado breaking loose bricks below him and the ability to break objects with his trusty mace.

You control one character at a time but can freely switch between the two by tapping an icon at the top of the screen. Throughout your quest you will encounter various enemies, traps, and obstacles standing between the brothers completing their quest. As you get hit by an enemy or obstacle you will lose health. Once you lose all your health you will have to restart the level though all your progress in puzzles and collections will remain completed. You have a total of three lives that are shared between the two brothers, but should you lose all three lives you will have failed the mission and must start the level over from the beginning.

Beautiful and creative platforming raises the standard for future titles.

To complete a level you must find all of the golden palm trees scattered and hidden in the levels. You must use your characters abilities wisely and search the large levels carefully. When you are using one twin the other turns into a statue which you can use to press buttons to open gates or jump on top of to reach higher areas. Each twin can open up new areas with their two brick breaking moves which are crucial in gaining access to areas where some of these golden palm trees are hidden.

The game consists of 5 different worlds with multiple levels in each world. Each becoming increasingly complex and time consuming. Each level can be completed in about ten to fifteen minutes but you will likely have to replay some of these from the beginning after losing your three lives. This game is truly challenging which is great to see as many puzzle games I have experienced have been far too easy and last only a short time but Babylonian Twins isn’t a pushover.

Sometimes two heads are better than one.

The controls of the game are extremely simple and very responsive. Simply move with the virtual D-pad on the left and use your character’s abilities with two action buttons on the right side of the screen. The controls are flawless and are very smooth. Walking, jumping, and using your abilities are so easy to use I can’t see anyone complaining about the controls.

Each level is filled with striking 2D graphics that are truly impressive and show the art of the Mesopotamian era and make good use of both the iPad and iPhone graphical capabilities.The music is also quite remarkable and adds to the games overall charm and ambiance. Though the game currently lacks open feint it is scheduled to be included with a future update along with additional levels.

After playing through the game I have to admit that Babylonian Twins is a really complete package. It’s beautiful to see and hear, original and creative while offering great controls it also manages to raise the standards of iPhone and iPad platform gaming for developers and future titles.

I guarantee anyone who purchases this game will spend countless number of hours having fun trying to solve these immense levels and puzzles.If you like platform and or puzzle games this is simply a no brainier especially while it’s currently on sale for both the iPad and iPhone. I know this game will be staying on my iPod Touch and iPad for a long time and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have.

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iPhone Trailer

iPad Gameplay Below

3 Replies to “Babylonian Twins: A Puzzle Platformer That Raises The Bar”

  1. Soul of Wit

    This is the first iDevice game that I’ve been excited about in a while. I love the little touches like the skid when your avatar changes direction and the ability to use your alter ego as a mobile jumping ledge. Looks like a must buy.

  2. JCman7

    Yes it is a must buy I wanted to give it the editor’s choice award but Glenn is the deciding factor and he gave it the A. Lol but in my opinion its a must have! AWESOME GAME!!

  3. JCman7

    Just a note the iphone/ipod touch version does have Open Feint where the iPad version does not yet