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Twisty Text Review

Let’s get this out of the way right here and now&#8230- Twisty Text is very much like the famous Text Twist game. Sure the name should have been enough of a clue to let you know that, but just in case you didn’t work out the clever camouflage on your own, I thought I’d throw that out there as a spoiler.

If you don’t like word games or Text Twist in particular you might want to go and look elsewhere for a review. But, if you’re like me and have a fun time with word games, and, in particular, Text Twist, keep reading because with this game you’ve got what I consider to be a better version of the classic game.

Yes&#8230- I’ve said it&#8230- Brainium Studios has created a better mousetrap and the world should flock to their doors. Twisty Text is a fun game and the differences between it and the more well known “TT” game are enough to put it on a must have list for word game junkies.

Let’s start with the basic game play and then show the differences. The object of Twisty Text is to make as many words as possible from six letters (the game also offers 5 and 7 letter modes for more fun) in the allotted time (the game also allows you to change that to make it harder or easier). No matter how many words you create, if you don’t do the six-letter word you can’t move on to the next level and the game is over.

This has always been my favorite part of games like this. I love looking at the letters and trying to get the long word before moving on to the smaller ones. Then I love trying to pick off all the others until I can fill the board and get the extra points. I’ve played many games like this in the past and would probably be ashamed if when I die I’m given a read out that tells me just how many hours I’ve played these games.

What I like about Twisty Text is the way it uses the touch screen to deal with the letters. You can easily move letters anywhere you want simply by dragging it where you’d like to place it in the line up of letters. Everything moves very well this way and it’s such a good way of seeing the different combinations I’m actually a little angry that I had to play it another way.

Submitting a word is also very easy. You just draw a line under the letters that form the word you want to submit. This has added a lot of speed to my game and I’ve actually gotten good at putting letters into place so that I can make the most words with the fewest movements. Okay, that sounded like bragging.

The only problem with this method is that at times I’ve gone to underline a word and accidently picked up a letter and started to move it. I blame myself for trying to go too quickly, but how could I brag if I didn’t move quickly.

And speaking of bragging&#8230- where’s the global scoreboard? They’ve added a “Hall of Fame” on the game, but it doesn’t even let you put your name into it. Give me a place for us conceited types to put our names on the board, and a Global Scoreboard for the even more conceited among us&#8230- okay&#8230- for me.

Other nice touches for the game is the ability to play your own music during the game and a dictionary so you can make sure that the word they just told you was a word is, in fact, a word. You need internet ability for the dictionary, but it’s cool to have. Brainium Studios has also added some of their own words into the game&#8230- not sure why&#8230- but it’s their game and they can do what they want. More power to them.

I’ve found myself firing up this game quite a few times when I had a few minutes to spare and that meant I was thinking about it at times when I wasn’t playing it. I blame/thank Twisty Text’s innovative control system for that.

The Good

A Slightly Better Text Twist
5, 6, and 7 Letter Word Options
Submitting A Word Controls Are Good

The Bad

They Made Up A Few Words? (Okay, Actually That’s Cool)
Get A Global Scoreboard
Slight Control Issues


21 Replies to “Twisty Text Review”

  1. sarojm

    Well, I took the plunge and bought the game…the review is on the mark and I think it is the best ‘successor’ I have seen to the original Text Twist. Also, I’d like to thank appversity for the license code!!! I’m glad I bought it to support the developer and I will be giving the code to a friend of mine. Thanks again!!!

  2. Glenn

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    For those of you not familiar with the free Premium code give away contests we have here please visit this url and start winning free apps today! You would be crazy not to!

  3. jacksonitup

    nice looking word game…wordology looks a bit better but this still looks good.

  4. mede

    looks fun, could probably stay on my front page for a month or two, decent word game.

  5. jonesin

    wow! Definitions along with the word game! Now its even educational! Thats great!

  6. Raphie

    Looks like a fun puzzle game. Not ambigious.

  7. Big Albie

    I spent my evening commute playing Twisty Text (no I wasn’t driving) and the gameplay is very smooth. If you’re into word games, you’ll enjoy this. It even gives you definitions, and this is easily one of the better word games out there.

  8. snoboardnfreek07

    as soon as i read this review i had to get it! twisty text did not disappoint me, and i cant put it down. it is awesome

  9. sarojm

    Cool looking game…I’ve been hoping for a good Text Twist clone. Have tried Lexitron, Word Whirl & Sextuple Word Challenge…all are good, but don’t really capture the original’s feel. Hopefully this one will do it!!

  10. sarojm

    Just wanted to say the game is great!! As far as I am concerned, this is the BEST Text Twist clone out there!! I’d also like to thank Glenn & Appversity for the license code. I had already purchased the game based on the review (want to support the developer and all), but I gave the code to a friend to get the game as he is a big Text Twist fan too. Thanks again and keep up the great work.

  11. Master Shake

    Not bad looking.

  12. mdillard9

    I really love word games, they seem to be the easiest to go back to.

  13. FarhadShakiba

    Hey guys. It’s Farhad from Brainium Studios.

    Good news is that there is an update in the works with beefier Hall of Fame for those “conceited” folks . A French version will be released shortly too hopefully followed by other languages.

    There maybe some confusion about the custom words but all that means is that our dictionary is a very complete dictionary of high quality words prepared internally by us and not licensed or copied from anyone.

    That’s all!

  14. Bob

    Great to hear about the scoreboard. That will really make a fun game even better.

  15. Bob

    Oh… and the thing about the custom words wasn’t really a “con”… I liked it…

  16. greenhornet9

    i love word games but its not the best presentation ive ever seen. it looks fun though.

  17. Bob

    I thought the way it was done was actually pretty good. When I’m doing word games I only care about the letters and how easy it is to work with. This game does well with both.

    it’s like Moxie (another game I really like). The game doesn’t look all that good (in fact, this game is far better on the eyes) but it’s play is great.

  18. ally8910

    Looks like a good app! But there still could be improvements!

  19. Bob

    And it sounds like they’re already getting to them. That’s why I love it when Devs get on the sites!

  20. irene1975y

    This word game looks complex but I willing to improve my vocabulary for it.

    More words selection will be nice like different word lists to generate the words.

  21. Charlie

    like word games

    but this could maybe be more colourful