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Dapple Review

People have begun to complain that there are too many entries in various game genres within App Store. Too many poker apps, too many tower defense apps, too many match-3 apps&#8230- well, you get the idea.

But, you know, I’m not one of them. I’m the type of person who doesn’t mind too much of a good thing. I’ve never been at a party and said, you know what, there are just too many pretty girls here (I know that sounds sexist, but I think we all have the same reaction to things we like). And I happen to be a guy who likes Match-3 games. And I also know that if we told developers out there that we had too many of these games we’d miss out on a lot of fun.

The newest game in this category, Dapple, certainly fits the “adds fun” quota to the mix but it also adds a nice sense of originality in a field that I thought had been tapped completely dry. I have to give it up to the developers (Streaming Colour Studios) just for that.

We know that basic formula. You’ve got a lot of colored markers on the field and you need to move things around so that you’ve got three or more of a color together so that they can disappear and others can fall to place. This type of game actually has a good deal of strategy to it and it’s fun to try and be a few moves ahead so that you can create chains and score big points.

Usually you match colors by “swapping” to colors that are next to each other, but this is where Dapple zigged when everyone else zagged.

In Dapple the colors are splotches of paint and you don’t swap places to get the colors into place, instead you have to mix paint colors. You are shown a color on a paint brush and that’s the next color you will be adding to the board. Now you have to think back to elementary school and remember what mixture of colors create other colors. For instance, if you have four orange splotches with a red splotch in the middle you would use yellow on the red splotch to make it orange, thus giving you five orange splotches together.

This makes the game really fun because colors can make more than one color so you have some good options as to where you can paint.

You’ll also run into “brown” splotches that are a lot harder to get rid of, and bonus items that will make things a lot easier on you.

The game comes in three modes. The first two are pretty basic as you have a “Classic” mode where you just play until you have no more turns left, and “Timed” where things are&#8230- timed.

But the third mode became a quick favorite of mine. This is the “2 Player” mode where two people can play on the same device. The screen is divided in half and as you make good chain reactions the line separating the field moves in your favor and your opponent has less to work with. Eventually you control the whole field and win the game. I actually found this mode fun to play by myself just switching sides. I really liked the way that Dapple handled the two player game.

Dapple made sure to avoid the same mistake that almost every other game in this field made out of the box and put in a color blind mode. That fact alone tells you that they’ve been paying attention to what the consumers have been talking about.

I guess my only complaint on the game is that I didn’t care for the background music. The sound effects were very good, but I quickly found myself going to the option menu and bringing the music down. But really, that’s pretty low on the “make or break” scale for me.

Dapple is a very fun game for fans of Match-3 games and well worth adding to your library of games to breakout when you’ve got some time to kill. Just like women coming to a party&#8230- it doesn’t matter how many are all ready there, when a pretty girl walks in you’re glad she came. Dapple is that pretty girl.

The Good

2 Player Game Is Very Fun
New Take On “Match-3&#8243- Games
Color Blind Mode

The Bad

Background Music Is Weak


19 Replies to “Dapple Review”

  1. mede

    there are many (maybe too much) match-3 games on the appstore, but this one stands out.

    it’s unique, polished, and i rly like the fact that they incorporated a 2-player mode in it. cool game!!!

  2. Raphie

    This may look like another puzzle game but this has variety.

  3. ally8910

    This game looks amazing!

    The graphics and Gameplay look really neat, and i love Match 3 games! And the colors make the game even better

  4. wiredmind

    This dapple match 3 is unique with those paint brushes and paint. Let me get into action with match 3 for dapple.

  5. greenhornet9

    match 3′s are one of my favorite kind of games. I dont like to play a lot of them though. I try to find one good one and stick with it. Im on puzzle quest right now but i guess i could try this one too.

  6. OwenGoss

    Hi Everyone:

    My name’s Owen and I’m the creator of Dapple. I just wanted to let you know that there is a free version of Dapple called “Dapple Lite” that you can try, to see if you like the game before spending a few bucks on it.

    I hope you all enjoy it. If you have any questions about the game, please let me know.

  7. Bessamy

    Dapple is kinda cool! I am not one of those people either. I do tend to gravitate towards match 3 games. And this one is unique!

    Thanks for the review!

  8. Catango

    Looks pretty basic to me, not sure the iphone can benefit from all these kinds of low budget games?

  9. coldfusion

    $3 does seem like a lot for a match 3. You say it adds some twists and has a two player mode, but all match 3′s, even puzzle quest, are at their heart, just that, match 3′s. I like the looks of it, but i think it has alot of great competition.

  10. baseballbaby86

    my favorite match 3 is puzzle quest because of the extra depth. Im not against more classic takes on the genre though, even if this is not really a classic take. I like the style of it. Good job on the review.

  11. jonesin

    looks pretty good. But i already got match 3s

  12. hidiho

    an interesting take on mtch-3–we need more of these type of games, like Puzzle Quest

  13. Mr. Charley

    This game looks really nice for a match 3 style game.

  14. Master Shake

    Wow it’s on sale for $3. Seems like a lot.

  15. schmidty

    there are alot of match 3, but the review says it stands out, so ill trust you guys! I like the variety and the two player mode to add some twists. as always, a great review!

  16. irene1975y

    Color usage of the game is great! I am looking for such a puzzle game but I cannot find it until now I saw this review. Great!

  17. Charlie

    lol .. yea like sliders ..

    i think .. it has too much xD ..

    i want more games like metal gear …

    or black sahdes … or need for speed if it will come ^^

  18. jacksonitup

    yay! More match 3! The app store doesnt have too many of these…Oh wait…Anyways, seems like a good version of match 3.

  19. Bob

    Yeah… there’s a bunch of Match-3 games, but like I said in the review… the pretty girl will still stand out in a crowd of other girls. This game is actually nicely done and different enough to stand out. And the Two Player version is really fun to play.