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Texas Wuggle: Poker meets Puzzle, has attractive offspring child

Ever since the advent of mobile games for phones, it seems Poker games have flourished with this medium. Whichever mobile store you happen to peruse, there is bound to be several, if not hundreds, of Poker styled games. Most games are true to the standard Poker game play and rules with focus on graphics, monetary exchange, or some form of social networking. Texas Wuggle has stepped outside of these typical boundaries by adding a unique twist: Puzzle.

Texas Wuggle combines the element of a puzzle game with a 5 Card Draw poker game. Just as in any poker game, the goal is to end up with the most powerful hand while wagering chips against your opponents. The twist comes in how you build your hand. The game gives you seven cards to slide around and arrange into a winning hand. If you are dealt an unfavorable hand, then you can use a “bomb” to exchange for another card. You begin with three bombs and are replenished at a rate of one per round, so use them sparingly. Once you have a winning set of cards, you need to align them in a row and swipe your finger over them to finalize your hand.

It’s Poker however this ones have a puzzle based gameplay twist

I found the game’s controls or gestures to be a little frustrating to master but after time, they easier to adjust to. There are very little on screen controls or buttons and most of the game play is based on gestures. I highly recommend reading the tutorial thoroughly so you avoid getting stuck or frustrated. The game’s premise was nicely thought out and pretty creative. It definitely steps outside of the box and borders on more of a puzzle game than a card game.

I was very pleased with the great artwork and animations of the entire game. It really brings to mind the look and feel of an animated Vegas right in the palm of your hands. My one major concern was the lack of iPod music playback while playing the game. I was disappointed when my favorite song stopped as I launched the game. I’m sure this can easily be added in a future release, as I am sure I am not alone in feeling this way.

At its price point, I would say you’re in for a unique experience in poker playing and a solid choice. However, I might suggest holding off until an update is released for iPod playback if you really enjoy your own music as a soundtrack to your amusement.