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Robot Rampage: A Robotic Arcade Survival Experience

In a throw back to the 1950’s era of alien invasion movies, “Robot Rampage” has captured the classic concept and stuffed it into your iPhone! This time, you’re the invader, sent to simply destroy – well, everything!

As the game begins, you are dropped down to Earth in a 2D, side-scrolling city landscape beautifully decorated with buildings, cars and other city street items. As the game implies, you are to start smashing, crushing and burning everything in your sight. Your robo-exoskeleton is retrofitted with the latest Laser technology, able to incinerate humans and pretty much anything in your path with ease. As you progress the Earthen surface, you find atomic power charge cells for your built-in blast generator. When you reach full atomic charge, you are able to deploy a massive blast to the surrounding environment and it’s inhabitants. Once you have demolished a city block, you further your programmed initiative on the next block.

A dash of Rampage and a pinch of Godzilla equals arcade survival Robot Rampage

The controls are very easy to grasp which as a self-proclaimed non-gamer, I was very happy and relieved to see. To control your robots movement, simply tap the side of the screen you wish to walk in. He (or she, for those of you robo-feminists out there) responds just like a remote controlled robot. Smashing buildings and items on the street is done by tapping on the lower edge of the screen near the robots feet. When you are ambushed by a platoon of foot soldiers who are clearly not smart enough to run away from you but in fact run towards you, fire off your laser by holding down and sliding your finger over them. This also works well on tanks, buildings, and helicopters. When you are in the thickest of the thick against Earths resistance, you can eradicate them in one magnificent atomic blast by holding your finger on the robot. Mind you, this is only possible when your atomic indicator shows full, which is found on the upper right hand screen.

“Robot Rampage” comes equipped with OpenFeint integration so you are able to play friends and strangers alike across the globe. Setup is much easier than any other social gaming network I’ve seen. If you have an account already, which I did, the game found it and with one tap, I was on to the game. No fiddling around with sign-ups or log-ins.

&quot-Smoke Em If You Got Em&quot- This would be a good time to prepare for the oncoming onslaught.

The games overall look and feel is superb. I really enjoy the word they have placed us in. It’s much like a world currently in disarray after the initial attack of the third kind. The sounds and animation are well designed, especially the music, which features a Theremin, a popular instrument at that time. The movement of the robot was a bit slow and sluggish. While this is characteristic of a real robot, I found it a bit nerving when trying to progress as far as I can, the games premise. However, after a few times playing the game, I found myself relying on my weapons while in motion to make up for the lack of speed.

I must say, while this was a really well thought out game, I got a little bored with it after about 15 to 20 minutes. I was able to progress to the 10th block, which still didn’t have much else to offer than the previous 9 except faster and more of the same types of enemies. It’s really an arcade survival game where you just try to last as long as you can, and that’s ok but these types of games just don’t hold my attention for very long yours may very. The games does generate different building layouts and troop attacks with every game, yet, it still felt like I was just replaying the previous city block. The game doesn’t try to sell you level packs or weapon add-ons, rather, it just offers block after block of city landscape to destroy. At least you wont be fronting a dollar every 20 minutes o play more or longer.

For the sci-fi fan in us all, or to appease the destructive side of you, “Robot Rampage” is a fairly solid game with great theme. For the $1.99 price tag, I would have expected a bit more return play value though.

5 Replies to “Robot Rampage: A Robotic Arcade Survival Experience”

  1. michael

    this game looks like a fun arcade experience that will keep you busy for a week or two but doesnt seem like it has enough longevity to stay on your ipod for longer than that. i do think this is a worthy purchase though at the low price of $0.99

  2. Stewie

    It can get a bit boring quickly, but there’s a certain charm that makes me want to continue playing. It’s a lot of fun being the bad guy and destroying everything in your path. I’ve personally only made it through about 23 blocks. You don’t get a lot of health, it depletes quickly, and the “booster” only gives you back a very small amount. There’s an element of strategy necessary to conserve your health in order to stay alive. The achievements and leaderboards also provide some good incentive to keep playing. Graphics are great, though the game is a bit pricey for what it offers. If it goes on sale, I suggest snagging it.

  3. Jerry

    No problem guys! Thanks for checking out the review!

  4. snow_mani

    It’s a shame that there is not more depth to this game as it looks awesome. Or more specifically the lasers blowing up the buildings looks awesome.

  5. Michael

    Thanks for this review Jerry. I was tempted to pick this up, but something inside of me made me think that it would be exactly like you said: wave after wave of the same buildings and enemies to ward off.