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Sweetwater Defense Review

Sweetwater Defense is a fixed path tower defense game where you are charged with defending your coastal towns from a diverse range of enemies hell bent on your demise.

The game plays very much like other tower defense games before it, however there are a few wrinkles tossed in that I feel do advance the genre and make Sweetwater Defense a worthy addition to the genre.

You start by picking your map and difficulty level. Before the game begins you can pinch in or out the map to survey the map and find the ideal position for your defenses. At the beginning each map has a different starting amount of gold and lives you start with. The game gives you a few seconds to survey the map and place a few towers before the game starts.

The game consists of 7 different types of towers ranging from harpoon towers which snag enemy units from above and below water to lightning towers. The towers are one of the better aspects of the game as it really makes you think about your choices instead of just lining up defenses and waiting the round out. Choose the wrong types of towers and your sure to pay for your poor choices.

There are 11 different types of enemies with different types of attacking strategies oh and I forgot to mention another first in the genre giant boss battles against sea creatures!

Another nice addition to the game is the speed slider on the right side. You can control the speed of the game by simply holding the speed bar upward or slowing it down by sliding it downward, but the real star of the game is the ability to rewind time itself.

Lets say you made some poor choices in wave 4 of 5 you can simple double tap the speed slider on the right and a time map will appear. Showing you each wave you have completed in the level. You can simply click on a previous wave and resume the game from that point of time. This is a very nice addition to the game and saves you from having to replay the level over in it’s entirety.

With more than 25 different locations to defend and 3 difficultly levels (split between the levels) there is plenty of variation in terrain and skill to keep your attention. I do wish there was more than one type of gameplay mode, but currently there is just free-play.

The game has excellent presentation and graphics. Everything flows very well from the menu to in game animations and level design. With a true 3d map that can be tilted and viewed from any angle, excellent particle effects, and 6 different tile sets the games is very pleasing on the eyes.

The sound is mixed bag. The in game music really doesn’t fit in with the style of gameplay. It’s almost got a mystical techo beat that I just couldnt get into and found a bit distracting. Luckily you can turn it off if you feel it is a distraction. The sound effects are done very well however.

Overall Sweetwater Defense is an very good tower defense game. Very polished with excellent graphics and some new unique gameplay elements to a crowed genre on the iPhone and iTouch devices. Those who like these types of games should differently give Sweetwater Defense a look. It’s a worthy addition to the genre and a very thought provoking strategy game, and with the developer promissing improvements and new additions this could be a must buy title very soon.

The Good

Excellent graphics
Unique enemies and tower strategies
Rewind time

The Bad

Forced difficulty levels
Fixed path and locations for towers
No background or story



12 Replies to “Sweetwater Defense Review”

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  2. Jeff


  3. Jeff

    Has anyone played both this and 7 cities? Just wondering how they compare.

  4. kdhomick

    Never get tired of the tower defense games.

  5. imdakine1

    I’m totally new to TD games, but have really enjoyed playing a few. I think this game looks great and like the idea of the sea etc…

  6. MichaelMurtagh

    Looks Sick, Its Seems Kinda Fast Though.

  7. mede

    amazing graphics!!! looks like a very cool game,

    i like the style of the towers, and that it’s boats

    on water instead of monsters like we see all the time

    pretty unique, and i really like the fact that you

    can rewind time which adds a very interesting element to the game

  8. themendoz

    Ever since i found it this one was coming out, I thought that the sea/pirate theme would be excellent for a Td game. Add the time warp feature and I think we have a winner.

  9. cathy

    Rewinding time in this kind of game sounds so cool!

  10. ErichD

    Has very cool look to it•A game where we plant land defenses to take down water-borne enemies? too cool!

  11. JCman7

    These games are coming to be the big thing lately, Looks fun but the common trend of these is getting a little worn out. They must be top notch if they want to do well

  12. bman

    I love td games! My fav on the iPod.