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Hydrotilt Review

Hyrdotilt is all about precision, timing, and control! In this new puzzler, you guide a water droplet through environments containing ramps, platforms, and more, in order to safely reach the end of the level.
The basis of Hydrotilt lies in the three states of matter. Solids, in this case ice, liquids, the water, and gases, steam. These three states all have different characteristics that allow them to do things the others cannot, but in the end, the game always requires you to locate the blue cube and bring that to the exit point.

You use your accelerometer to guide your ball of water around different platforms, and as stated earlier, it’s necessary to recover the blue cube and then bring it back to the goal. The accelerometer is easy to play with, and you can calibrate it if you wish, but there was no option to change the sensitivity, which would have been nice.

Many mechanical switches will help your water change forms, and puzzles must be solved to reach the goal. To add on to the strategy portion of the game, each level contains a pink crystal, which will provide a hidden surprise if all of them are discovered.

The gameplay is fun, as finding the solution to each level is pretty neat, and the game does provide quite a challenge in the later levels. I found it a bit slow in the beginning, but Hydrotilt does a nice job of guiding the player through the controls and all the puzzle elements in the game.

An in game map is available too, so you can zoom out and scroll around to see the entire playfield. The mechanical parts of the game are varied enough that the game doesn’t become a chore, and each level is unique in their own way.

Possibly the coolest aspect of Hydrotilt is the custom level editor. You can create your own levels from scratch, or you can download packs that other users have made, plus some add-ons provided by Codeglue themselves. This really adds on to the life of the game and you can satisfy that creative side of yours if you wish.

The graphics are decent, they won’t blow you away, but they are pretty well done for the most part. Some edges are bit rough and could use some touching up, but overall the 3D graphics are well done. The music was pretty enjoyable, but sometimes the soundtrack seems to skip a bit. It doesn’t appear in game though. The sound effects are present all the time, with realistic water sounds, but the other sounds such as they clip played when dying can be repetitive.

Things that could be worked on in Hydrotilt could be a checkpoint sort of system. Every time you die, you must start over from the beginning of the level. This can be quite frustrating at times as one little slip can mean the end. Also, if you’re interrupted in the middle of a game, if you exit out and come back your progress is lost.

Hydrotilt is an enjoyable puzzler which should appeal to many people. If you’re a fan of these games then it would be recommended, especially with all the content that can be downloaded. A few drawbacks bring this game down a bit, but it is still a quality app. At $5 Hydrotilt is not one of the cheapest games on the App Store, but if you buy it, it should be worth the money.

The Good

Large amount of content
Custom level editor
Unique Puzzler

The Bad

Could look better
No Checkpoints



21 Replies to “Hydrotilt Review”

  1. Scott Villarreal

    A good day for tossing the baseball around. Now where is my glove?

  2. ally8910

    i have the lite version and it is pretty fun i also have super monkey ball but i think that hydrotilt is better for some reason.. lol

  3. Glenn

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  4. raoupp

    Thanks very much! This game is gem even without level editor.

  5. themendoz

    I have really enjoyed games like Ninatai, DremarcStar and Enigmo. This is one of the ones I’ve been meaning to buy once the price drops since the quality seems superb. I had no idea it had a level editor! A game’s life is increased exponentially with these editors and this one sounds like a sure winner…

  6. hidiho

    I enjoyed the lite version…reminds me of Garage Game’s Marble Madness

  7. luke

    I really enjoyed the lite version of this game, and i might consider purchasing the full one.

  8. Clymos

    I have seen this a few times and as of now own no marble rolling games. I think $5 is too high for me right now but I will have to watch for a sale on this one.

  9. tims8

    The three states of matter adds something fresh to this type of game. I thought about getting this a while back, now i’m considering it again.

  10. kdhomick

    I’m always up for a new “roll the object through the maze” puzzler. This game looks cool.

  11. Master Shake

    I bought this a while ago for $3 and would recommend it at that price. I still need to try out that level editor.

  12. bman

    The lite version was real fun!

  13. palmer11000

    looks fun!

  14. cathy

    I am so bad at this game. I got the lite version a long long time ago and I’ve never even gotten past the 3rd level

  15. alloutmacstoday

    I saw this before and it looks kinda fun.

  16. Mr. Charley

    I like the “three states of matter”. Looks like it brings an interesting element to the ‘marble rolling games’

  17. raoupp

    Old one but a good one. Now with level editor this really is worth checking out.

  18. MazdaMan

    A little older than the other marble games, but still looks fresh nonetheless.

  19. Seishu

    I hear this is an awesome game, plus the new update has a level editor.

  20. wubb

    Good review. Doesn’t look worth $5 to me, but if it’s on sale at some point I could see biting. I do love being able to get user-created custom levels though. Hopefully they won’t all be giant dong shapes…

    Can you download custom maps from other players all over the globe or do you have to have them sent to you specifically?

  21. JCman7

    Looks like a pretty decent game, kind of like those common marble games. Looks fun