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Spotflick iPhone Review: This One Definitely Scores a Goal

Excited for the World Cup? Get prepared by leading your country to penalty kick flicking glory with Spotflick, a surprisingly fun and polished high scores game. For an idea so basic, Spotflick executes it wonderfully.

Spotflick is simple- flick the ball where you want it to go and it’ll head that direction. You take on goalkeepers from different countries trying to stop your ball. The first one to get either five saves or five goals wins the round and you either try again or move on. There’s three modes in the game: Arcade, Practice and Spotflick Cup. In Arcade mode you take on goalkeepers from different countries one by one. See how far you can go before losing.

If you lose to a goalkeeper, you don’t lose your progress, but you lose your score. Rack up the highest score you can by outwitting every goalkeeper and never losing. There are different bonuses and accumulators to help you score even more points. In Practice mode, you hit different targets to unlock bonuses for Arcade mode. Spotflick Cup mode is a tournament style mode where you play goalkeeper after goalkeeper single elimination style until you reach the title.

Spotflick boasts great sounds and menu music as well as very nice, cartoony graphics. The addition of Open Feint sure doesn’t hurt the game either. It’s clear that Spotflick Ltd, the developer, put some time into this game so that it is enjoyable to the user. For a high scores game, it has plenty of features and a lot of polish.

I have few complaints for the game. It would be nice if there were better animations for the ball, like when it hits bonuses or hits the net. Also, I came across a bug while playing Arcade mode where I played the same goalkeeper three times in a row even though I beat him, but kept unlocking new goalkeepers every time I won. So when I finally moved on and unlocked new goalkeepers, I did not play them until I played the other goalkeepers I unlocked because I had fallen behind. This only happened once and did not affect the gameplay, but it was pretty annoying.

Overall Spotflick is a charming little game that came just in time for soccer’s biggest stage. It has a nice look and feel to it, plus it’s pretty addictive. Games are quick and are perfect for on the go. I’ll admit, the game can get somewhat old after a long time playing it, but it’s still lots of fun for a dollar. For a cheap and entertaining little soccer game, check out Spotflick.

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8 Replies to “Spotflick iPhone Review: This One Definitely Scores a Goal”

  1. Spotflick Gaffer

    Spotflick Lite has just been released on the App store today. The Free App is available to download now!

  2. Spotflick Gaffer

    Glad you like the game Cameron. We are working on getting to the bottom of those bugs. Not many people seem to be experiencing them so it is tough getting to the bottom of what the problem is, but we are working on it.

    We are also working on a free version of the game so you can try before you buy. I will keep you posted.

    But if anyone is interested in a free version now I will give a promo code to the first person to e-mail with the answer to the question:

    Which team has missed the penalty kicks in World Cup history?

    Good luck and happy flicking!

  3. Spotflick Gaffer

    And another promo code to the person who can tell me the team who has missed the MOST penalty kicks in World Cup history!

  4. Frankie

    Great review. Just bought it and love it. Going to make sure that the USA top the Spotflick Cup table and beat England.

  5. JCman7

    Lol Glenn! You can also tell by the username too: ENG-UH-LAND

    Nice review Cameron

  6. Glenn

    LOL didnt see that LOL too funny.. Well its a TIE!!!


    Just bought it, it’s bloody perfect. So ready for the World Cup now!

  8. Glenn

    Who you rooting for? England I assume by the “Bloody” reference?