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Fruit Ninja iPhone and iTouch Review: One Sweet Game

Now before I begin my review let me just preface it with this: I really enjoy this game. It’s good. It’s well made, fun, and cheap. It’s interesting and well worth the money. However, I do feel the game is a little overrated and given a little more credit than it should be given.

Master your chopping skills in Fruit Ninja, where your goal is to slice and dice as many fruit as you can. Fruit are thrown onto the screen and you have to swipe the fruit to chop it into two. Fruit Ninja has two modes: Classic mode and Zen mode, with a third mode on the way in a future update. In classic mode, fruit and bombs are thrown onto the screen.

You have to chop the fruit without letting any fall off the screen. If you hit a bomb or let three fruit get away from you, you lose. Try to slice as many fruit as possible before losing. In Zen mode, you get 90 seconds to chop as many fruit as you can and there are no bombs in your way. Both modes are pretty similar, but still fun. The simple concept of the game makes it really easy to learn but challenging to get a super high score.

The polish of Fruit Ninja is definitely what sets it apart from a lot of other games. The graphics are colorful and vibrant and the slicing and chopping sounds are great. It’s actually a satisfying feeling to chop the fruit. The dojo theme all the way through the game is great and the Sensei Fruit Facts in between games are actually pretty interesting. Add this great design to Twitter and Facebook connectivity as well as Open Feint and you’ve got a great deal for a buck.

However, even though I enjoy this game, I think some of the praises of it have been a little over the top. I mean sure it’s fun, but definitely not one of my favorite games. The gameplay is repetitive and gets old after a while. I know high score games are supposed to be repetitive but I start getting bored after a couple games. In other words, Fruit Ninja is just not as addictive to me as some other games. Maybe this game has some more appeal to others than me, because I do enjoy Fruit Ninja, just apparently not as much as some.

I still definitely recommend picking Fruit Ninja up. I have literally no complaints about it other than it can get boring after a while. The controls work great, it’s got plenty of features plus more to come, and it’s only a dollar. You might enjoy this game a little more than me or a little less, but I guarantee you you will not dislike the game and you won’t regret the purchase. I wrestled with myself over giving the game an A or a B, but ultimately had to go with B because I didn’t find it as addictive as other high scores games. But Fruit Ninja does have some real charm and for a dollar, you can’t go wrong.

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