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Meteor Blitz: A Super Stardust Clone

An early memory of video games for many people of my generation is Asteroids. The game was so simple, yet so fun and so frustrating. It has remained a classic over the years and there have been many attempts to make it “modern”. Finally a true modern version has arrived and there is much to cheer about.

Meteor Blitz by Alley games gives the old grand daddy of space shooters a total make over and has come up with quite possibly the best shooter on the app store! Amazing graphics… spot on controls… fast/addictive game play… it has everything!

The play is simple. You pilot a ship trying to clear out all of the meteors/asteroids that are threatening the planet. But, while you’re buzzing around doing that you’ve got more meteors and various ships falling towards you and making your life very difficult. The game play is exactly what it needs to be… easy to understand and hard to put down.

Gaming Modes:

The normal mode is the arcade mode where you have six worlds to unlock. Each world looks great and adds a bit of variety in the game. Thought you’re basically just shooting stuff all the time. But, hey, that’s all you did in a little game called Asteroids and it seemed to do all right.

There is also a survival mode where your whole goal is to survive as long as you can. I really like modes like this for quick action fixes and Meteor Blast gives you exactly what you need.

The best thing about both of these modes (and probably in all of the app store gaming world!) is that you can see your global ranking in real time. I was transfixed by this feature. I couldn’t believe how cool it was to just watch my rank move with each hit. I want this feature in EVERY game with a score! This is truly a feature that makes the replay factor of the game much bigger than it really is, and the person who figure it out deserves a medal.


The dual-stick control set up for Meteor Blitz is near perfect. The ship reacts to every little movement of your thumbs instantly. And that’s a good thing because of all the stuff you have to avoid in this game.

I especially love the fact that when you take your fingers off the screen the game pauses. I want all games to think about us poor gamers like this

One little thing I might like to see is the ability to swap out the left and right control sticks. You move with the left and shoot with the right and I like doing it the other way.

What We Liked:

+ Super Stardust HD Clone on the go!
+ Real Time Global Ranking!!
+ I’ll say it again, Real Time Global Rankings
+ Amazing Graphics
+ Great Controls
+ Pauses when you take your fingers off the controls
+ Almost no load times
+ High production value from beginning to end.

What We Disliked:

– Achievements are there, but pretty weak. Could be more creative
– Can seem a bit repetitive (but most games like this are)
– Could use more weapons
– Can’t swap out the control sticks

Final Verdict:

I really can’t imagine a better update for Asteroids. This game has just about everything you could want in terms of pure playing enjoyment. The controls and music are great and the videos is even better. And who ever decided to put in the “live world ranking” feature deserves a medal… this game is a blast, and then some!


7 Replies to “Meteor Blitz: A Super Stardust Clone”

  1. k88dad

    The best dual-stick shooter in the app store? That is some high praise. Auto-pause is a genius idea. I agree 100% on the left/right swap for a control option.

    Are there any other games with real-time ranking updates? Someone mentioned Doodle Jump. The only one that I can think of is a word game, Zynga’s Word Scramble.

  2. hkiphone

    The score updates your realtime global ranking??? how the heck can you guys see that? I’m too busy trying to avoid the asteroids and drones! Hhaha….

    It’s an amazing game, as truly is THE best dual stick shooter available. Better than iDracula, Alive4Ever, and Dropship… and these are only the ones I bought, there are loads out there still.

    I just remembered that Asteroids had some inertial movement, meaning you could thrust forward, but turn your ship to fire behind you. But the way Meteor Blitz has dual controls is far superior to that control method.

    If only they could release a Lite version to convince GreenHornet to part with his $2!

  3. greenhornet9

    nice review but i was never really into asteroids and as good as this looks, i dont think it will change my mind. Great looking game for fans though.

  4. Bob

    then don’t think of it as Asteroids (I’m just old)… think of it as probably the best dual stick shooter on the app store…


  5. Stewie

    Well said. Thanks for the quality review. I’m usually not much for these types of shooter games, but from everything I gather about it, I may have to pick it up. The real-time global rankings is very intriguing. Might be worth buying for that feature alone.

  6. Daniel

    great read and awesome review. LOVe the fact that your score updates globally with every hit (real time global ranking system), that is an awesome feature that is similar to doodle jump’s feature. that’s pretty awesome for a space shooter. can’t wait to try it out.

    im jealous though, u get to review all the “action” games haha. but im the new guy i get the new guy treatment. =P just kidding.

    anyway, i look forward to working with you and wish you the best of luck.

  7. Mr. Charley

    This is definitely the best dual stick shooter in the app store to date. And by an indie-dev no less deserves a round of applause.

    The real-time ranking updates is just the best thing since sliced bread in my opinion and adds a level of intensity that I can’t quite explain.

    Absolutely love this game!