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Games for iPad

After Apple iPad has entered the market there appeared new free scopes for game developers’ imagination. Since game system on the basis of Phone OS has long ago excellently approved itself and game developers were quick on the draw and caught up the demand.

The situation itself is out-of-order as when some game console appears there are at best from ten to twenty games for it available. Speaking about iPhone there are very many games for it, moreover all of them are absolutely different. They vary from 2-D casual games to 3-D shooters and racing.

After all iPad is considerably more high-end and larger, this fact will key up the necessity to develop games for it. To the point, the device is capable to support even 3-D shooters with complex graphics such as Quake 3, so much the more casual games. It’s really handily to play them using iPad. Ordinary games are the most of variety of applications for iPhone. Besides them there are numerous full-fledged 3-D shooters, flying games, and racing. There are various genres as on any other console. The most important thing is control as except standard pushing the buttons iPad perceives side bends due to accelerometer that makes a game even more interesting.

We have already been shown Need For Speed Shift on iPad at the presentation, and now just imagine the games of other genre, for example strategy games. If iPhone screen was too little for them, there isn’t such problem with tablet.
Such giants as Gameloft and EA have already demonstrated their games on iPad, the first has even shown new aiming system in N. O. V. A. which became a reality only by virtue of large screen.

But this is just the beginning. There will be lots and lots of new decisions as large high-resolution
touch display is predicted to carry new Apple creation forward in the field of games in the nearest future. Since such game-giants as Firemint, PopCap, Demiforce, Namco Networks, AppStore etc. have given their mind to development of new games for new platform. Well, we are looking forward.