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Flower Garden

Look at all the times that we’re supposed to send flowers to people. There’s Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day (which is coming up in America), Birthdays, Anniversaries&#8230- well you get the idea.

As guys, we all have to go through this little dance. And no matter what a woman says, they always like getting flowers. Have her be the only one of her friends who didn’t get some flowers on Valentine’s Day and you’ll know just how much trouble you’ve caused by not spending some bucks on some “soon to be dead and forgotten plant life”.

Thank goodness for the App Store. You knew that sooner or later they’d come up with a way to make that easier on all of us. Actually it was the one man shop of Snappy Touch that we can thank for “Flower Garden”. This app is a very relaxing take on growing some flowers and then making your own bouquets and emailing them to anyone you want.

It’s hard to call this a game. In fact I’m not really sure what to call it. Flower Garden has a chance to be a time management game, but there’s not really enough of the “frantic” feel to make it one of those. I don’t bring this up to bash on the app, I just want to clear away any thought that there was a big time game feel to this.

In Flower Garden your job is to&#8230- well&#8230- grow flowers in a garden. You’ve got several pots at your disposal, then plant some seeds, keep them watered, watch them grow, and then you can cut them to make a nice bouquet. Then you can send the flowers to anyone you want by email, complete with a note &#8211- just like the flower shops.

That last part is where the Flower Garden really shows its worth. Not only is it fun to send flowers to the women in my life, but my kids like doing the same thing. They’ve sent a couple dozen email bouquets in the last few days and have had a great time doing it. Flower Garden gives you several backgrounds to add to your email. I can’t imagine how much money I’ve saved in flowers already, and with Mother’s Day coming up I’ve got some more emails to send.

The controls are very simple. The hardest thing you have to do is make sure that you have enough water in the pots. But there are some really nice parts of the controls that the app doesn’t tell you about. For instance you can rotate the pots to see the plants better. You can tilt your device and the flowers will sway. Even changing the backgrounds for your emails isn’t discussed but a quick swipe with your finger and you can scroll through them.

As you play you also unlock more seeds that you can grow. I always love having things to unlock. I’d like to see them also have some different backgrounds or other things you can add to your bouquets. I’m not trying to make anyone question me, but it would be nice to have some ribbon or Baby’s Breath to go with the email. I did, however notice that the dev is looking at have the flowers cross pollinate. That would be really cool and add a lot to the app. Hey, what about some Black Roses so you can send emails to people you don’t like&#8230- just a thought.

So, while it may not be a game in the traditional sense, Flower Garden is a nice app to have around. There’s something nice and relaxing about growing the flowers, and even a little painful to see them die when you forget to water them. And the ability to send little “Flower emails” with personal messages is a great little bonus.

Unleash your inner Flower Child and spread the love with Flower Garden.

The Good

Very Nice Looking App
Sending Flowers This Way Is Cheaper Than The Real Thing
More Seeds To Unlock

The Bad

Not Much Of A “Game”, So Be Warned
Most Of The App Is Up To You To Figure Out


25 Replies to “Flower Garden”

  1. Glenn

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  2. Bessamy

    Woohoo! Thanks appVersity! I will have fun with this app!

  3. schmidty

    lol, this app makes me laugh. But its a great idea and it seems like its well done. It would be nice to have your own garden or something though.

  4. inogard

    This is a pretty fantastic looking app, and a very unique idea.

    The quality of this title is worth the purchase alone I suspect.

  5. Bessamy

    Wow, this is a cool app! I love you can send flowers to everyone! I love flowers! –

  6. roostersully

    It would be cool if you could, after you grow the flowers, transplant them into a virtual garden. Or enter them in some sort of biggest Or prettiest flower contest.

  7. Mr Christer

    Cool, now i dont have to go to my general flower store anymore.

  8. Glenn

    not sure the lady will approve of that

  9. Mr Christer

    Thats true;)

  10. jacksonitup

    looks really intriguing. I like the originality.

  11. snoboardnfreek07

    im considering this…looks aesthetically pleasing

  12. Charlie

    wow i want this app°!

  13. greenhornet9

    looks pretty cool. I like simulation stuff like this.

  14. llopis

    This is Noel, the one-man band behind Flower Garden. Thanks for the positive review, Bob. Glad you enjoyed it!

    Chumbake: You need to take care of the plants for them to grow and bloom, but it’s a small time involvement (unless you get in the expert seeds towards the end). Each of the water meter segments are 3 hours, so that gives you an idea of how often you should water them.

    But you don’t need to stress about it. Your plants won’t die if they dry out. A simple watering will restore them to life.

    Check out the Flower Garden Facebook page for more info:

  15. Lux Ambassador

    This is very cute but woe to the fellow who gets it into his head that these emailed “flowers” can in any way take the place of real, live ones. Just try to send these instead of a fragrant RT bouquet and methinks you may find yourself sleeping on the sofa.

  16. Glenn

    ahh but if your already on the sofa it’s worth a shot! Just explain how those die, and it’s the thought etc..

  17. Bob

    Agreed! And you can always send out one set of flowers as a “test” to see how it goes.

  18. Chumbake

    And if she’s budget conscious, you can point out that the app is WAY cheaper than a dozen flowers. And she can keep getting more an more with no additional cost.

  19. Lux Ambassador

    Glenn, so sorry to hear you’re in the doghouse

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  21. mede

    pretty cool but it shouldnt rly be in the games category, it would fit better in the entertainment category

  22. Glenn

    Corrected! Thanks

  23. Chumbake

    I’ve been seriously considering this app for a few days now. I’ve actually clicked the “buy” button but not typed my password in. It looks like a high quality app with great attention to detail.

    And I would love to be able to send my wife flowers from my iPhone.

    Is this a Fish Bling Bling type app, or “keep my animal alive by feeding” him app?

  24. Bob

    There’s a little bit of the “Fish Bling Bling” to it. Though I’m not sure how long the water lasts yet. I did let it go for a few days and I had some dead plants.

  25. Chumbake

    Thanks Bob. I really want this app now.