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Crime Spree Review

I’m not sure what it was about Rally-X that kept me coming back for more. That game has been around forever and every time I see it in some retro arcade or come out on one of those “greatest hits” cartridges, I eagerly run to play it. The game was simple, fun, and easy to play, plus it had a nice sense of speed&#8230- and car crashes. In its day it might just have been the perfect game (at least on my list).

picture-8I realized a little while ago that I hadn’t played it in a long time and I actually found one of my Namco classic discs to fire it up. It was just as fun. And I wondered how long it would take for someone to get a good version of this on the App Store.

Low and behold, just a few weeks after that I have one in my hands. “Crime Spree” by Skyworks finally gives me what I was wanting. No I should mention that I was a little worried. Skyworks’ games are hit an miss, and I always love seeing that the first four or five reviews they get on the App Store all come from the same people (and all positive). But they have had some good games so I dove in.

First off, if you’ve never played a Rally-X game here’s the rundown. You are driving a car around a map that has several different twists and streets trying to pick up flags that are randomly placed around the grid. You’re being hunted down by other cars that have one way of stopping you &#8211- crashing into you. You have a smoke screen that can throw them off for a while, but really the only thing you can do is keep driving and avoid the bad guys.

Crime Spree is basically the same game with a few updates. The flags have been replaced by bags of money &#8211- it seems you’ve been hired by the mob to pick up some money that they left lying around. The other cars are now police cars (nice touch), and the smoke screen is now an oil slick. Oh, and the bland track that was Rally-X is now a much more fully realized neighborhood.

All in all, an upgrade all around.

The graphics are really quite good. As I mentioned, Rally-X was pretty basic and Crime Spree ups things with it look. Everything moves very smoothly and keeps the feeling of speed. I really like this update.

One of the things I was really worried about was how they would handle the radar. You see, you need to know where the money bags and cops are, and that’s where the radar comes in. I was worried that the small screen on the iDevice would make it tough to have a radar screen but Skyworks did a great job with this. Sure it’s small, but it does the job, and it also moves from side to side if the car is too far to one side. Very nice.

Sound is basic, but works, and is done with a nice bit of polish.

picture-9The controls were another thing I was worried about. Rally-X had the joystick and the button for the smoke. How was it going to work here? Skyworks gives you three options on the controls. You can either tap, tilt, or swipe the direction you want to turn, Of the three I found swiping to be the best option since you can do this on any part of the screen. Tapping sometimes didn’t work as I wasn’t tapping in exactly the right spot and I found the same thing with tilting, but once you get it down you can handle all three with ease&#8230- I just found the one I liked and then stuck with it.

There are two modes with the game, Arcade and Survival. Both are pretty much what you’d imagine. Arcade works just like the&#8230- uh&#8230- arcade version of Rally-X &#8211- where you get all the bags to move to the next level. And Survival means that you keep driving around trying to&#8230- uh&#8230- survive. Both are fun.

Skyworks also took the time to throw in very good scoreboards. Both local and global boards can be found and both handle the two modes.

Basically I can’t find any real fault with the game. That comes form a guy who has played thousands of Rally-X games and has been a fan for decades. I have to give a big thanks to Skyworks on this one and highly recommend this game to anyone who shares my love for the Rally&#8230- or anyone who is just looking for a good game to pick up and play (which should be just about everyone who’s reading this).

The Good

Great Rally-X Update
Radar Screen Works Well
Global Scores

The Bad

Controls Take A Little Getting Used Too
Screen Might Be Too busy



14 Replies to “Crime Spree Review”

  1. Glenn

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  2. Chumbake

    Not my type of game, but thanks for the review Bob. Great as usual.

  3. themendoz

    I love the fact that this game lets you choose your control scheme. I hope we had options like these for driving in Car Jack Streets.

  4. coldfusion

    lol…everyone thinks its payback! I like seeing different versions of the pacman genre. This seems to have style and it looks like it is fun.

  5. kdhomick

    Can’t wait to give this one a try!

  6. Bob

    Just to keep things straight… This game is nothing like Payback and CJS. There is no story and no fighting. If it were to be compared with any game it would be Pac Man. You have to drive around the maze and pick up the money bags, all while avoiding the cop cars. It’s a very fun game and has none of the annoying things that didn’t work for me in either of the above games.

    Just wanted to make sure everyone knew what was happening.


  7. MichaelMurtagh

    This Looks Cool, I’ve Never Played Rally-X But This Seems Like An Ugly Version Of Car Jack Steets.

  8. JCman7

    Looks really fun, I like the graphics. Wish controls were better

  9. greenhornet9

    looks really fun but i dont think ill buy it cuz i got cjs

  10. cathy

    I was debating whether or not to get this when it was on sale and now it’s back to full price. oh well, it’s not that much

  11. bman

    I agree with the CJS/Payback comment. looks good.

  12. Chumbake

    I don’t see how this is a clone of CJS or Payback. It’s more of a clone of Pac Man than those?

  13. Super

    This looks like a clone of Payback and Car Jack Streets, yet all the same different graphics (very detailed) and looks exceptionally good!

  14. palmer11000

    looks like a fun game to have to kill time