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There Are About 83 Million Fake Accounts on Facebook

Facebook is the largest social networking website in the world with over millions of users who daily use facebook. Facebook has certain terms and conditions that a person can’t hold multiple accounts and also there are restrictions against the joining of children below the age of 10.

Facebook is social networking website on which we can share everything on our minds, share photos and videos, share articles chat and make video calls. Facebook is open for everyone as anyone can fill up the form and start using his Facebook account. However because of this many fake accounts are being made on Facebook.

According to a recent survey there are about 83 millions of fake accounts on Facebook. These accounts count of about 6%-8% of total accounts on Facebook. According to Facebook, a single person can not hold multiple accounts but still there are multiple account holders. Facebook may now start the verifying of the account and then using it which means a person would have to enter his mobile number and then get his account verified. This would help in reducing the fake accounts.