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Facebook Planning To Buy

After buying a 1billion dollar application Instagram , which happens to be one of the most popular application among the smart phones, Now Facebook is planning to buy .
Face.Com is a face detecting application with the help of which you can easily recognize your friend’s photo even if he is photographed in a crowded picture. also includes some other photographic applications which are used by many people and after the deal is made, the integration of will be done with the Facebook very well make the photo sharing at its best.
The deal is expected to settle in about $80 to $100 which is quite fine.
Facebook wants to buy because has an application of Tagging friends and also a Klick Application which is quite famous among the smart phone. With the, Facebook will try to improve and add new features to the geo tagging or multi tagging of photos.
We will be posting further if some more news comes to us about the deal.