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16 New Features of Android 4.3

Google has finally rolled out the latest iteration of the Jelly Bean, the Android 4.3, along with the new Nexus 7 tablet. The new software update arrives approximately 9 months after the introduction of the earlier Jelly Bean version, the Android 4.2. As suggested previously, the new version would come only with a few major features and with no significant makeovers. The Android 4.3 will be released for earlier Nexus devices, including the Nexus 10 tablet, Nexus 4 tablet and original Nexus 7. If you are unlucky enough to not own of these Nexus ...read more

iOS 7 – What's New?

Apple products have been favored and used widely across the globe, not only because of their meticulous and aesthetic design but also because of their smooth running iOS. Just recently Apple introduced their latest operating system, the iOS 7. One would argue that this is just like any other operating system that was released earlier, as Apple have been known to update their iOS, only for one to find that there is nothing new. Unlike previous versions, iOS 7 offers something that was not their in its previous predecessors. So what is new? (more...read more

How iOS5 is better than Previous Versions

Apple recently launched its latest version of iOS5 in which 200 new features are included for the Ipads , Iphones and Ipod touch. (more…)...read more

Apple iOS 6 Going To Be Available Soon

apple has now announced its latest iOS updated version that is iOS 6. Apple says that with this new iOS6 version it will take your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to new directions as many new features are added to the new iOS. Here are some of the major new features which are added to the new iOS 6. (more…)...read more

Apple iOS6 is Now Available to the developers For Download

The much talked about about Apple iOS 6 is now available for the developers. Apple recently launched the updated version of the iOS6 which is the beta version. (more…)...read more

OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is Not Available For Older 64 Bits Mac

  OS X Mountain Lion is the latest upgrade for the Mac users as it include about 200 new features for Mac and also you iCloud is been integrated with the new Mac OS X Mountain Lion. The update is available for free from the Mac app store to all the users who purchased their Mac after 11th June. For others the update will be available for $19.9. (more…)...read more

Top Features Of Mac OS X Mountain Lion

  Apple will be releasing the new OS X Mountain Lion version for the Mac this july which will be available in the Mac store. According to Apple there are about 200 new features that are added to the new version of Mac. Out of those 200 features, we have picked up some of the top features for you which are mentioned below in the list. (more…)...read more

Apple iPhone5 Most Awaited Phone of Year

Last year there were rumors about the launch of iPhone5 by Apple but Apple launched a modified Apple iPhone 4S instead of Apple iPhone5. With the beginning of the other quarter of this year, all eyes are waiting for apple to launch the Apple iPhone5. (more…)...read more

Facebook Planning To Buy Face.com

After buying a 1billion dollar application Instagram , which happens to be one of the most popular application among the smart phones, Now Facebook is planning to buy Face.com . (more…)...read more

Apple Mountain Lion OS X is Now Available at Mac Store

Apple Mac OS X Mountain Lion is now available for the Mac user for download on the Mac store. The charges for the update are merely $19.9. The update of the OS is free for the Mac users who have bought their Mac recently or about one month ago. (more…)...read more