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Aqua Moto Racing Review

Despite a slew of entrees in the racing genre, there are very few fantastic games on the appstore. Some claim to capture the essence of speed, a particular kind of racing, or perhaps unmatched control or claim graphic prowess. Usually, a few of the elements work well, while the others fall short somehow.

However Aqua Moto Racing manages to succeed in every category that applies to us, and in some cases goes above and beyond the normal call while delivering quite possibly the best reason to own an iDevice today.

Aqua Moto Racing is a beautiful jetski racing game that challenges players throughout 7
different championships racing series with a total of 36 racing tracks spanning three lush environments while offering gameplay that ranges from easy to extremely hard.

You can also perform 6 Radical stunts and perform tight lines around the buoys to gain additional power boosts helping you to overcome the aggressive AI.

A global online leader board is included, as well as the ability to download ghost racers from the current world record holders and compete against them.

There are 2 Modes of gameplay in Aqua Moto Racing. Championship mode where you race against 5 other computer controlled opponents over 7 different race series competing for race points. These points are tallied after each series and the point leader after the rounds is crowned the winner along with gold, silver, and bronze medals.

Time trial will allow you to compete against course records in your search for fame and glory. Each Track must be unlocked via the championship mode and each can be played in reverse as well.

The game also offers 5 different active profiles allowing everyone in the family to play their own game without interfering with your progress. Under these profiles you can see your accomplishments, as well as customize your characters vehicle and riders outfit colors.

The options menu allows you to modify volume and input (tilt) sensitivity to your liking.

All steering is done through the use of the accelerometer in the iDevice’s while your boost and brake are controlled by images on the left and right bottom of the screen.

The game does an excellent job of breaking you into the game as the early courses allow you plenty of room to get your controls in control.

As you race around the tracks you will see red and yellow colored buoys in the water as well as an arrow above them pointing in the direction or side you need to pass on.

The arrows will alternate direction for each color set of buoys you encounter. Meaning you will have to zigzag in and out of the sets of buoys while maintaining you position in the race.

If you miss more than 3 buoys your game will end, so make sure you do everything possible to stay in bounds.

As you begin your racing career you will notice that you jetski while controllable is far from perfect. Your corners will be wide. Your takeoffs and top speeds will seem sluggish and that’s all by design.

As you win races you will accumulate racing points which can be used to customize your vehicles handling, speed, boost, or takeoff speeds in one point increments.

These points can be applied or deleted at whim from your vehicle prior to the race so if something isn’t working out for you try mixing it up and see if a different setting will help you out on a specific race.

As you race you will slowly accrue boost which can be used by click on the boost button. This will increase your speed until either you release the button or your boost meter run dry.

There are two additional ways to increase these boost levels, one is to perform tricks when jumping ramps. As you approach a jump press the boost and get as high as you can. Once airborne shake the iDevice and a menu will appear with 6 varying stunts from quick posses to slower but more boost producing stunts.

You must press and hold the stunt button down while still airborne than release and land the jetski prior to receiving any additional boost. If you should however fail and wreck attempting these moves you will forfeit your entire boost collected already.

As you progress in the game the A.I. and the buoy layout becomes tougher and tighter which will require some creative driving and vehicle customization adjustments on your part to progress.

There however is no online multiplayer that I admit is a bit of a let down but hey they can always patch that it right? Hint Hint..

Graphically the game is great. Vibrant backgrounds and water effects, and although there are a few pop texture issues that happen when someone comes up from behind occasionally and a few stutter issues at times, these take nothing away from the overall beauty of the game.

Audio wise the game is good as well, though the race music can tend to get a little repetitive after a few laps. Would be nice to have a few different tracks in there. The sound effects are good with engine and water sounds as well.

Overall I’m extremely happy with this game. It’s been 12 years since Wave Racer 64 came out and stole my racing soul. Aqua Moto Racing has me smiling from ear to ear. I can now say I have my spiritual successor to my favorite racing game of all time. If you’re a fan of games like Sony’s ATV racing or Wave Racer you owe it to yourself to get this game right now, it’s that good and while I don’t go tossing around apps as must have often this deserves a spot on everyone’s first page!

The Good


Great graphics

Deep and challenging gameplay

Excellent controls

Online Leaderboard

The Bad


No Online Multiplayer

Occasional stutter


29 Replies to “Aqua Moto Racing Review”

  1. Anthony Coutcher

    Nice article, makes interesting reading. Some useful ideas to be gleaned here.

  2. Glenn

    Congrats to Big Albie the winner of the app!

  3. Big Albie

    Thanks Glenn! When I’m jumping the shark like Fonzi, it’ll be because of Appversity!

  4. tofunoodle

    i tried the lite version. the gameplay is pretty smooth in my opinion. but the lite version is kinda hard, green always wins

  5. schmidty

    this game adds some nice variety to racing. Ive played a ton of street racers but no water racers. This is a good idea.

  6. jonesin

    i love riding jetskis so this game looks cool. I also like racing games.

  7. coldfusion

    nice looking racing game. It has nice graphics.

  8. Big Albie

    The lite version only has 1 level and it’s the novice level. The graphics, however, look great. Add some waves, and you have even more realism.

  9. Mr_Sinisterr

    looks like a fun game!

  10. bow

    The lite version is fun but it’s like other racers

    The full version could be amazing though

  11. greenhornet9

    dont have many racing games but this one looks good. Cool sounding game.

  12. stefanos

    have the lite, love it. ive been waiting for it.

  13. Lux Ambassador

    I simply can’t resist any halfway-decent racing game even though I truly, TRULY suck at ‘em. I say, as long as those who CAN play them well will attest to the fact that the controls for a particular game are tight, I’ll keep buying them and continue to revel in my adrenaline-charged suckitude. Bring it on!

  14. jacksonitup

    nice looking game. Pretty nice graphics and cool idea of jet ski racing.

  15. Mr. Charley

    The graphics look really nice and although multiplayer isn’t in this game, it’s not a game breaker for me in any way

    And stunts are always cool.

  16. floob

    i can’t get over how nice the graphics on this look. will have to try the lite version.. in need of a good racer…

  17. Super

    This does actually look awesome!!

    GOnna downloda teh lite version now

  18. Master Shake

    The graphics look incredible. I’ll add this to the list of games I want to get.

  19. Charlie

    a fun racing game

  20. Bob

    Looks good Glenn… I know you’ve been pretty high on this for a while now.

    One question… Are there many variations in the tracks and are their shortcuts? Okay, that’s two questions…


  21. Glenn

    There are variations on the tracks yes, the Obstacles are moved around on different levels as well.

    As for shortcuts yes and no, there are not any paths you can find that take time off.

  22. hidiho

    reminds me of wave racer

  23. Matthew

    yeah that game really looks great

    i have powerboat challenge 3d and i like it

    thats nearly the same i think

    with powerboats…..

  24. wiredmind

    This game do look promising like an arcade game.

  25. GhostRider

    Graphics look good, and the video was great. I have to check the Lite out. But I have to make some space for it. I have all my iPhone’s screens full. This is all Apple’s fault.

    I remember my first time playing Waverace for the GC. It were good times.

  26. inogard

    This title looks really promising. Definitely reminiscent of Wave Race 64 for sure. I’ll have to download the lite version tonight and try it out.

  27. Glenn

    The lite version is just that LITE. Trust me after the first few levels it gets better! I can not stop playing it.

  28. raoupp

    This graphics of this game looks promising. The lite version was way too easy though, so I hope that the harder modes in the full version are really challenging.

  29. raoupp

    *the graphics