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MLB At Bat 2009

Growing up, the only sport I really cared about was baseball. I lived in Florida and my dad was a sports writer. We’d spend two weeks every year and visit every training camp in the state. As a kid I promised Brooks Robinson that I’d name a son after him (I did). I’m even looking at my “10 Year Old All Stars” trophy as I write this.

picture-49All of this is why I was thrilled when I saw MLB At Bat hit the app store. Being older, with a family, and living in Utah, I don’t get quite the same baseball fix I used to and I really wanted to get it back. Thank You MLB At Bat.

Now, this isn’t a game. MLB At Bat is a way to keep in touch with everything Major League Baseball&#8230- and I mean everything. You get all the scores for every game, but that’s the easy part. Listen to some of this&#8230-

Another easy one, but you get all the stats and standings of the teams throughout the season. It evens gives you the wild card race, I mean the race now&#8230- just a few games into the season. And there is the link to the MLB site to find out any news you want.

Let’s get to some of the cooler stuff.

You can get a pitch by pitch breakdown of every game. You can even check into a game and see a graphic of the batter and the location of each pitch as it crosses the plate, including what the pitch was and how fast it was.

You want to see video highlights of each game? They’re there. You’re one button away from seeing more highlights than in any five SportsCenters. I love checking these each night.

My favorite bit is the very coolest part. You can listen to the radio broadcasts of every baseball game&#8230- every game. And not only that, you can hear both announcing teams. I love being able to switch from one team to another after a big homerun. It’s always fun to hear one crew go crazy while the other announcer is bummed out. I even enjoy the different commercials that you can hear from all over the country&#8230- and the different promotions that each park is having.

I have a long commute from work every day and I’ve enjoyed listening to a random game (when the Orioles aren’t playing) as I drive. I’ve paid more attention to baseball so far this year than I have in several years, and it’s been great.

If you are a baseball fan (even causually) this is about as close to a must buy as there is on the App Store. At the price it’s a steal to be able to hear the games. In fact, the price is more to get the same thing on your computer&#8230- take that!

This is an app I go to everyday and I know that I’ve got this for the entire MLB season, including the World Series. I can’t recommend this high enough for baseball fans and I hope (hope, hope, hope) that the NFL does the same thing. I would then be in my own personal sports nirvana.

The Good

Radio Broadcasts of BOTH teams
Pitch Location &#8211- Every Pitch
Baseball Fan’s Dream

The Bad

My Orioles Will Probably Suck All Season (I agree go Phillies!! &#8211- Glenn)


This video is not from and is intended to showcase the application only.

13 Replies to “MLB At Bat 2009”

  1. Glenn

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  2. jacksonitup

    looks great. I dont know if i would buy it but it would be awesome to get a code for it.

  3. coldfusion

    this is a great way for me to stay up to date with the twins!

  4. worldcup1100

    Sounds good but possibly unnecassary for me since I usually have a tv when I have wifi.

  5. Charlie

    nice like the other one

  6. kdhomick

    Wish this wasn’t so expensive. I’d love to have this kind of access on the go.

  7. kdhomick

    Furthermore, since my wife usually commandeers the tv, I’ve had to turn to gameday to get my baseball fix, but I hate being tied to the computer for that. I’d love to be able to sit on my porch and follow the game. That would be awesome in the summer.

  8. Lux Ambassador

    I tried the lite version of this and ended up deleting it because it didn’t give me anything I couldn’t already get from ScoreMobile. But I’d love to pick up a code for the full version…the video highlights and audio play-by-plays put this app leagues (get it?) ahead.

  9. greenhornet9

    awesome. I love baseball and this is a great way to keep up to date on the games.

  10. mede

    very good for baseball fans

  11. realgm

    This app looks really good. The audio is a real bonus, plus the gameday pitch by pitch feature is a nice touch, love it on and it seems just like that on this app aswell

    And since my Blue Jays are a top of the AL East, where the yankees and boston lay, this season might just turn into something special for us. A bit of pitching help and look out

  12. Bob

    This is a great app. I was in real long meeting yesterday and followed the Orioles Angels game the whole time on the pitch by pitch feature. Of course the outcome wasn’t great, but I’m used to that by now.

    I recommend this highly to a baseball fan. Even Blue Jay fans…


  13. bman

    Once again, baseball is one of my fvorite sports!