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Space Lotto

Well this is a first for me, Space Lotto! I rarely play the lottery here in Ohio but occasionally when it exceeds the $100 million mark I will throw down $5 to give it a shot. The sad thing is&#8230- I never win. Well maybe my chances have increased now thanks to Space Lotto!Space Lotto is more than just a lottery number generator, it shows different lotteries’ websites from within the application and it allows you to save numbers that you have used before. Space Lotto is also pretty funny!

Upon opening the application you hear a very “alien” voice say “SPACE LOTTO”. The opening screen is an image of the galaxy and a start button to begin the road to riches!

Space Lotto provides the user a scrolling option to choose which state you want lotto information for and which lottery game you would like to play. After choosing the two options you press an image of the Sun and are given the option to visit the lottery web page of the state you chose. If you choose “yes” you are taken to the lotto page of that state. After hitting “no”, you are presented with a random number generator.

There is a large spin button or you can shake your device to make the numbers spin. After your number is generated you can then save it to your device. Space Lotto boasts 200 different lottery games from the United States and Puerto Rico so you are covered on all the big multi-state lotteries and your state lottery games.

picture-43The interface on Space Lotto is fun and based on space, aliens, and the galaxy. This makes it a fun application to play around with and keeps things from getting boring! The options are presented to you on the bottom of the screen allowing you to select which lottery to play, lucky pick which generates random numbers, contact which takes you to the specific state’s lottery web page, and finally your saved numbers.

If you are a big time lottery player this application may be a money maker for you who knows! Personally I think that I would rather have this application pick my numbers than the retail machine at a store. I enjoy the fact that the application allows you to visit the lottery web sites without having to launch safari.

Overall this is not an application that I would personally pay money for because I do not play the lottery very often. If you are a big player though the investment is really small for an application that has so many features!

The Good

Fun theme
Launches lottery web sites within application
Saves numbers that have been generated

The Bad

Not an application for everyone, definitely geared towards big time lottery players.
Graphics are over the top and not sure what space has to do with lottery??


3 Replies to “Space Lotto”

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  2. mede

    useful if you play the lotto often, but there are other ways of knowing if you win.

  3. eddyman

    lol id buy this just to help pick out numbers for that one time i play the lotto every year