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Ding Dong Ditch Review

I never really thought of the iPhone as a great practically gag application. It’s great productivity and great entertainment applications but and aside from the iFart applications which I can not stand their has been little use for gag apps until now.

Introducing Ding Dong Ditch. This application allows you to choose between three different sounds doorbell, door knocker, and hand knocking.

Each of the three sounds are professional recorded and very believable, with the door bell being dead on.

You simply select the sound you want and press the screen and let the fun begin.

I tested this last weekend at a cookout while everyone was sitting outside on the porch. I put the iPhone under my shirt and pressed the door bell, and sat back to watch the show.

Sure enough thee people said someone was at the door, and they went to check. Nothing.. So I waited about 5 minutes and did it again. Once again they ran to the door only to come back scratching their head. They decided the door bell must be going bad.

My wife was in on it and could not believe how well it was working! I was able to do this 4 times before I was spotted and promptly scolded by the home owner! They laughed and wanted to know where they could get the application.

While this isn’t a ground breaking or a title that will change your life. If your a person who likes to cause a little mischief or stir up a dull party Ding, Dong, Ditch it’s a great little title to add to your joke bag on iPhone or iTouch.

The Good

Realistic Sounds
Great Party App

The Bad

Only three Sounds


2 Replies to “Ding Dong Ditch Review”

  1. ErichD

    It worked that well? I’ll think on it… I’m actually not at all interested in most of the other sound effects apps I have, but a time may come when I’m in the right social company….

  2. Bob

    I wondered what this app was like… Thanks for filling me in. Just might have to grab this to drive the kids crazy.