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Geohot Has Untethered Limera1n for iOS 4.2.1 / 4.3 and Limesn0w to Unlock iPhone 4?

Veeence, was able to held an interview with Geohot -the well know smart hacker- via the irc chat, they talked about some major items concerning the unlock and jailbreak for all iOS devices running iOS 4.2.1, now let’s see this amazing interview after the jump.

Veeence: are u the real geohot?
Geohot: yes
Geohot: i think im real
Veeence: heh
Veeence: what function called sony’s downfall of the ps ?
Geohot: fail over st0rming
Geohot: ๐Ÿ˜€
Geohot: ill be back
Veeence: stay
Veeence: just leave the room lol
Geohot: ๐Ÿ˜€
Geohot: even if im mr hotz ?
Veeence: yeah
Veeence: i dont care what those haters say
Veeence: you’ve only done good for me
Geohot: ๐Ÿ˜€
Veeence: and them in fact, i dont see their problem personally
Geohot: di dont care im in germany right now
Geohot: -d
Geohot: on vacation
Veeence: sweet
Geohot: after all this trouble
Veeence: hows the court case going?
Geohot: media …
Geohot: all fine
Veeence: chances?
Geohot: 100%
Veeence: awesome
Geohot: i didnt agree to any sony terms
Geohot: so what ?
Geohot: just becasue i own a ps3 ?
Veeence: haha true
Veeence: if you never registered on psn then there’s nothing they can do right?
Veeence: how have the dev team been with you about the whole limera1n exploit stuff and releasing it before them?
Veeence: which i only see as a good thing because SHAtter doesnt work with gs according to posix
Geohot: sorry im busy right now
Veeence: ok no worrys
Geohot: i got about 100 querys
Veeence: haha yeah i bet heh
Veeence: yes/no questions only then? heh
Geohot: r u on saurik irc ?
Veeence: yeah
Geohot: ok
Geohot: lets continue this interview
Veeence: ok
Geohot: will u pusblish it ?
Geohot: somewhere ?
Veeence: if you want me to
Geohot: do i need to be careful what i say ?
Veeence: your choice entirely
Geohot: i have enough trouble
Veeence: ok
Veeence: i wont publish then
Geohot: why are you interested
Geohot: about dev team and geohot relation?
Veeence: i’ve heard everyone’s side of the story apart from yours
Veeence: in think most people have
Veeence: not heard your side
Geohot: no one asked
Geohot: ๐Ÿ˜€
Veeence: and then people base their opinions on that
Veeence: haha
Veeence: well here’s me asking
Geohot: i think some people was mad on me
Geohot: after i released limera1n
Geohot: thats becasue i didnt announce it
Geohot: nowadays people announce
Geohot: on xmas
Geohot: on sunday
Geohot: on january
Geohot: after 4.1
Geohot: ๐Ÿ˜€
Veeence: heh
Veeence: are you gonna release your iBoot exploit onto 4.3 ?
Geohot: and if i would release right now
Geohot: againA all people would be mad on me
Geohot: of course not why should i ?
Geohot: as long people develop stuff i dont need to waste it
Geohot: the time for my exploit will come
Veeence: ok
Veeence: when do you think the time will come? im not asking months im asking criteria
Geohot: btw i got a 4.3 b1 untethered running over here
Veeence: niiice
Veeence: any shots of it?
Geohot: ๐Ÿ˜€
Geohot: yes i have some but i didnt upload them and i wont send anything from here
Veeence: ok
Geohot: the time will come very soon
Veeence: we talking weeks or months?
Geohot: apple did lot of integrity and software checks to firmwares
Geohot: soon it wont be possible to flash any custom ipsw
Veeence: or is this an apple “white iphone…coming soon” soon?
Veeence: really?
Geohot: well
Geohot: soon
Geohot: ๐Ÿ˜€
Veeence: haha ok
Geohot: u know this ?
Geohot: u know that ?
Veeence: i used it yeah
Geohot: its still empty
Veeence: yeah
Geohot: strange ? isnt it
Veeence: haha
Veeence: oh
Veeence: soon?
Geohot: what if there will be a download ?
Geohot: yes
Veeence: interesting
Veeence: for iphone 4?
Geohot: no
Veeence: ok
Veeence: ๐Ÿ˜€
Geohot: okay my friend
Geohot: we had a nice talk
Veeence: we did
Geohot: i have to leave
Veeence: ok
Veeence: can i publish?
Geohot: feel free
Geohot: btw im not fake
Veeence: great thanks
Veeence: yeah i gathered that
Veeence: enjoy your holiday mate

Conclusion: If we suppose that this is the real Geohot, so it looks like Geohot has the Limera1n untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.2.1 and 4.3, and the big surprise is that he may has the unlock ready for iPhone 4 on higher basebands with Limesn0w, anyway we can’t confirm if this is the real Geohot or not, I will keep you informed with any updates.