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Amazon Smartphone – Coming Soon!

One of the biggest buzz of this year is about to come true. Come June 2014 and you did be able to see yet another Internet giant joining the arena of smartphone manufacturer and this time it is none other than the king of online shopping – The Amazon! The news is now confirmed that we will be able to get the first glimpse of Amazon Smartphone in June 2014.
Amazon is already a well know name in online shopping world and needs no introduction when it comes to quality and commitment of transshipment of its products. It has also made its presence felt in the world of tablets with its super successful Kindle Fire Tab. Considering its tremendous presence on Internet and with years of goodwill to cash on, Amazon smartphone might just be the next big thing in the market.
Amazon smartphone is rumored to introduce the 3D technology in the world of smartphones. If experts are to be believed, it may not be a feasible idea to merge 3D technology with smartphone as the outcome may not be eye friendly. But, Amazon plans to do it with a special retina technology, which they claim, will enable users to view and use this smartphone simply with their eyes, with no other external glass or any other device needed. If this works successfully, then surely amazon samrtphone will do well with its sales!
Amazon is expected to face stiff competition with the well set giants in the market Apple, Samsung and Google to name a few, but apart from the rumored 3D technology, the other thing that can work in favor of Amazon smartphone is the backup by the Amazon store. This is expected to play a crucial role in the promotion of the smartphone, which now days is one of the most important factors that decides the fate of a product.

amazon smartphone
amazon smartphone

Amazon smartphone will be revealed in June 2014 and it will become available in stores in September month of the same year. This is being viewed as a strategic move by Amazon to release their smartphone in the same month which is considered Apple’s time to launch its iPhone. This sets up stage for the battle to begin and the market will be closely watching every development made by the Amazon from hereon. It will be interesting to see how well this Amazon smartphone performs!