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Sony 13.3 E-Reader Review

Technology is trying hard to merge itself with nature in the most suitable way. Nothing can replace an experience of reading a real book. Holding the book in your hands, taking it anywhere you please, turning the pages around and placing the rose bookmarks are certain elite human experience, which are hard to be substituted by an alternative. But then, times have changed and so have the reading style. Books have been replaced by e-books and now we have full fledged gadgets in the market, which are exclusively designed to give the user a real book reading experience. Sony 13.3 E-Reader seems to be a forward move in this direction.

Sony 13.3 E-Reader provides the readers the necessary space within the system to store thousands of books in the form of bits and bytes, while at the same time, the huge 13.3 inch screen offers their eyes total comfort as they would have craved for while reading the digital contents. The E-Reader is quite handy and flexible and thus easy to use. When dropped, it gently floats to the ground like a paper. This agility does not only makes it easy to handle but also ensures that the gadget is resistant towards normal wear and tear, which is evident while using similar gadgets.

With a screen resolution that is about 1200 pixels across and 1600 pixels wide, the users would experience a 4:3 aspect ratio and also 150 PPI, which gives them the necessary clarity and sharpness. Sony 13.3 E-Reader is also very light in weight . It is about half the weight of iPad Air and therefore considered to be the lightest of readers around.

Sony 13.3 E-Reader

Sony 13.3 E-Reader also has a built in digitizer and this feature empowers the users to do all their notes and perform tasks like adding comments with ease. The users are able to highlight the various parts in the PDF that they want to read through later on and this can be saved into the PDFs as per their preferences. They can then make use of these contents as and when required.

The only flip side of Sony 13.3 E-Reader seems to be its sky high price. With the price tag touching a grand, it is unclear how many niche buyers would be ready to fetch out the amount for buying this E-Reader. But given the fact that it has the biggest screen till date and provides a real good reading experience, Sony has reasons to feel that Sony 13.3 E-Reader will be a success.