Remove Recent Status Message in Yahoo! Messenger 10

Yahoo Messenger  10

Most of us usually set a custom status messages in Yahoo! Messenger and the more you add a custom status messages, it will bring a drop down list of choices, suggesting if you want to use the recently added custom messages.

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Yahoo Messenger  10

Now, what if I want to remove that recently added custom messages?
Yes, you can remove it manually by using Regedit.

Let’s begin!

Go to Start > RUN >
then type regedit in the box and press enter
in regedit, go to this location,

[HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareyahoopagerprofilesUR Yahoo IDCustom Msgs]

The word UR Yahoo ID is the name of your yahoo ID use to login in Yahoo! Messenger.
On the right side pane, you’ll see your custom messages entered before
Delete those custom messages by selecting the binary data and press delete key in your keyboard
(see preview example highlighted in blue)

Yahoo Regedit Entries

Now, you can close your regedit and go back to your Yahoo! Messenger 10…
In your custom status message you’ll notice that there are no more recently added custom messages.

Yahoo Messenger 10

That’s it! You’re done…
Did I miss something? then go ahead drop your comments/questions below.

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