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Yahoo! Messenger Aero Ultimate Skin

Another Yahoo! Messenger Skin inspired from Windows 7 Aero Theme.

How to Install Aero Ultimate Skin in Yahoo! Messenger

Close your Yahoo! Messenger first.
Just drag the folder Aero Ultimate and Default in skin folder inside the archive to:

C:Program FilesYahoo!MessengerSkins

and overwrite if asked. Be sure to backup the original default folder first if you want to restore the original in the future.

Yahoo Messenger Chat Dialogue
You can now open your Yahoo! Messenger client. After logging in, just select the theme from themes available.

Select your Theme

That’s it. Enjoy the aero theme like in windows 7 aero.
(Note: This is for Yahoo! Messenger v9. Tested in Windows XP and also works in Yahoo! Messenger v10 like the preview above, transparency is not available).

Download Aero 7 Ultimate Skin by
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