Casting the line into iPad

Game developers pleased all fishing fans with splendid application iFish Pond HD for iPad, which features stylish graphics, very realistic sound, ability to select a pond etc. The idea is quite simple but it’s really staggering!
This should be seen, so watch:

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By the way, you don’t have to be an inveterate fisherman to enjoy this game – funny gurgling when touching the water evokes a smile; frog croaking and dragonfly rustling have a relaxing effect; and the ability to select a pond and decorate it with lilies will be great for creative individuals; and one more thing – the app can be used as iPad-aquarium. But this is just my imagination, in truth, the game is developed for fishing, for example, in this way:

– flick forward to cast the line (it is possible to adjust the range of casting by turning the iPad);
– pull back to hook (it is better if you do it sharply)
– pull your catch with a reel (revolve a reel with your finger).

The program saves all your records, so classic fishermen’s tales such as “I caught a hundred fishes at one time” can be witnessed with facts )

Besides all above-listed qualities the game also features the ability to trigger rain with thunder peals and drops on the surface of the water. Actually, I didn’t feel specific need of this ability but I really admired it.
The price for this application is prohibitive – it’s just $2.99 on App Store.
And another thing, everybody knows that cats adore fishes, that’s why we offer you to watch the video about shy attempts of these animals to familiarize themselves with iFish Pond HD. Your smile and high spirits are guaranteed )

Red cats and iPad:

Black kits and fishing:

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