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Generals: Online Global Conquest From Your Pocket

Lead your army to world domination with one of the best strategy games to grace your iDevice yet: Generals &#8211- Online Global Conquest. Generals is a near flawless Risk clone that does everything Lux does, but better. Throw in online multiplayer and you have yourself the indisputable champion of Risk clones on the App Store.

I think we all know how this game is played: use your cunning to conquer the globe. It sounds easy, but it can be a long, intricate process filled with all kinds of twists. It’s a pretty simple concept, but there’s a video tutorial if you have trouble. The gameplay is super addictive and requires a lot of forethought and planning- in other words, it’s any strategist’s dream. The controls in Generals work great- you simply tap and hold to move or place soldiers where you want them.

The indisputable champion of Risk clones has arrived on the App Store

The graphics are pretty traditional for a Risk clone and do their job well. The sounds of the game can get really repetitive and annoying, but luckily there’s an option to turn off the sounds you’re getting sick of. It would help if there was some in-game music, but there’s not, so you’ll have to listen to your own while you dominate. A great feature of Generals is the ability to set the number and difficulty level of the computers you play, so beginners can learn at an easy pace instead of being demolished by the computers initially.

Even without the online multiplayer, Generals is still a great game. Add in the ability to play real people from around the world at any time and the deal only gets sweeter. Playing online allows for hours and hours of new experiences and challenges. The online process runs impeccably- players make their own games, each turn has a time limit to keep the game running quickly, the game owner has the power to decide how many players and when to start.

The ability to play real people from around the world at any time really sweetens the deal

The whole online experience is amazing and encourages competitive, interesting games. The only feature lacking during online play is chat. Since Risk can be a social game, it would be nice to be able to communicate with your opponents.

Overall Generals is a quality, polished, addictive game packed with replay value and entertainment. It would be nice if it utilized a social networking program such as Open Feint so you can challenge your friends and see when they’re online, but the game is still great without one. It’s regularly five dollars, but on sale for three, so don’t hesitate on picking it up. The hours of fun packed into this game are well the three or even five dollars. If you enjoy strategy whatsoever, you absolutely must check out Generals.

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