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From Where To Buy Google Nexus Tablet in India

Google Nexus 7’’ Tablet powered by Android 4.1 is one of the most awaited and most powerful Tablet which making new record sales in whole world. However this masterpiece Tablet in available in only few countries. In some countries one of them is India, it is yet to be launched. Google has already started the shipping of the Tablet in some countries and Tablet not being even launched in India where Google could find huge market.

No information regarding when the Tablet is going to be launched is being provided by Google and if you are desperate to buy Nexus 7’’ Tablet then you can purchase this Tablet from where this Tablet is available for a price of Rs 17,690 or it can also be purchased from Indiatimes Shopping where it is available for a little cheaper price of Rs 16,990/-.

The Google Nexus 7’’ Tablet is launched at the price to $199 in other countries and purchasing it for Rs 17,000 in India is a bad deal. However you can even get it for lower price if you ask for the Tablet from any of your relative in US who is probably come to your place or if you are patient to purchase the Tablet then you should probably wait for the Tablet to be launched and to be available in India.