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HTC Clock, Weather, News & Photos on your Windows Desktop

Do you love the HTC Widgets in your HTC Handsets and would like to have it to your Windows desktop?

HTC Widgets on Windows

Yes you can have HTC Widgets on your Windows desktop, just like the preview above. All you need is HTC Home application for Windows.

What is HTC Home?

HTC Home is a free set of widgets for Windows like on HTC Smartphones.


  • HTC Clock Widgets
  • HTC Weather Widgets
  • HTC News Widgets & Photo Widgets

System Requirements:

  • PC with Windows Vista or Windows 7 (32 or 64-bit operation systems).
  • Internet connection (also possible through proxy-server)
  • Installed Microsoft.NET Framework 4
  • WinRar or 7-Zip archiver to unpack the portable version

Its easy to setup and use, configure it to auto start in windows and many more…

Download HTC Home Widgets for Windows

8 Replies to “HTC Clock, Weather, News & Photos on your Windows Desktop”

  1. Virulent07

    This is nice. THank You ! 🙂

  2. yet

    yup bro, xp is also supported. and thanks for dropping a line.. keep it coming 😀

  3. Francis de Jesus

    oops myxXx here..

  4. Francis de Jesus

    wow i thought it would  only be recomended for windows seven…. and i tried it using xp sp3 and it works great…..nice one…
    LOl i mis my Htc handset wiyh this clock on my desktop

  5. netbox

    you are welcome bro cadz..

  6. cadzart

    wow nice. i like it. thanks for the share sir netbox. keep on sharing dude 🙂

  7. netbox

    Thanks bro Starlalu 😀

  8. Starscream

    Nice post gonna use this one..thanks! 🙂