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Apple’s Patent Victory Over Samsung

The Long going patent issues between Apple and Samsung finally ended when the Judge took his decision against Samsung and in favor of Apple. Samsung would now have to pay $1 bn to Apple. Further court also ordered to re-examine the Android Operating system weather the patents relate to core Android. The failure of Samsung may lead to decrease in sales of Android as Apple also appealed that the sales of some of the most popular Samsung phones like Galaxy S2, Galaxy S 4G and some others should be restricted from selling. However Samsung Galaxy S...read more

Facebook Planning Profit Earning Mobile Applications

The new generation now becoming smart phone oriented as most of the people are using smart phones, either Apple or iPhone or even Windows Phone is gaining some popularity among the masses. (more…)...read more

Google To Enter The Tablet Market As A Manufacturer

Google has been giving competition to all the World leading companies and now Google is on his way to compete with the Apple’s iPad. (more…)...read more

Is There a Possibility that HTC Phones can be banned from US.?

The Legal battle between Apple and HTC against HTC can favour Apple and this can lead to a ban on HTC products. Now it’s been a year that both the companies are battling with each other. Their battle also complaints about the Apple’s larger complaint against Android that it is an copied product from the iPhone. (more…)...read more

USB Drives Sized Devices Running Android 4.0

You might be thinking that these are some little USB drives with an android sticker but however you are wrong these are not USB drives but small devices with 512 RAM and 1.5 GHz single processor. (more…)...read more

Samsung Launches Galaxy Chat ICS With Qwerty Design

Samsung has now launched an entry level ICS ( IceCream Sandwich ) phone namely Samsung Galaxy Chat featuring a qwerty keypad. Samsung Galaxy Chat has small screen size of just 3 inches. Other features of the phone include 2MP camera, Bluetooth 3.0 , USB 2.0 , quickoffice editor which is seen in every Samsung Galaxy phone. The phone has 4 GB built in storage and also there is slot for an SD card. (more…)...read more

HTC Clock, Weather, News & Photos on your Windows Desktop

Do you love the HTC Widgets in your HTC Handsets and would like to have it to your Windows desktop? Yes you can have HTC Widgets on your Windows desktop, just like the preview above. All you need is HTC Home application for Windows. What is HTC Home? HTC Home is a free set of widgets for Windows like on HTC Smartphones. Features: HTC Clock Widgets HTC Weather Widgets HTC News Widgets & Photo Widgets System Requirements: PC with Windows Vista or Windows 7 (32 or 64-bit operation systems). Internet connection (also possible through proxy-...read more