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Direct Download for Microsoft Security Essentials 4 [Official Links]

One of the Best Free Anti-virus that on top of the lists is Microsoft Security Essentials also known as MSE. Check it now for direct download links.

We already shared you before on How To Update MSE via Offline method on our previous post here. Now, we received a few emails that asking for a official direct download of its installer, but others didn’t knew how and where to get it, yeah I know its all over the web, instead they wanted to post it here in our site, so we decided, why not? in a form of sharing good stuff well give you the official direct download links of Microsoft Security Essentials.

Download Microsoft Security Essentials

Just a little brief information on MSE.

Microsoft Security Essentials is a free Antivirus/Antimalware created and build by Microsoft for Windows, it can be installed on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 (excluding Windows 8 because it is already included in the OS, called Windows Defender)

We are also recommending MSE as your Antivirus if you are looking for Best FREE protection on your Windows.

No annoying pop-ups, it will only ask you if it needs a right action on your part, Quarantine or Ignore if it detects a suspected file, and MSE are very good in detecting a suspicious file and less false positives.

So, without further more chit-chats download official direct links of MSE below, choose which is the right for your windows, either a 32bit or a 64bit machine.

Download Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows 64bit
Download Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows 32bit

(Note: To be able to install MSE on your Windows PC, your Windows need to be genuine)