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Customize Aero Theme Transparency with AeroTuner

With AeroTuner you can change Aero Stripes amount or even disable them. It can change colors for normal and overlayed windows separately. Tweak the color balance, the blur balance, the aero stripes and the after glow balance, all with the help of this app.

Here is a preview of a Windows 7 Aero Default
(click thumbnail for larger preview)

Here is a preview of a Windows 7 Aero Customized with AeroTuner
set to make more clearer and cleaner aero effect
(click thumbnail for larger preview)

Aero Tuned With AeroTuner

Changes are instant while sliding the bars to your own configuration, if you want not to save the changes and restore the default aero settings, just close AeroTuner without clicking the Save Changes Write to registry button, logoff or restart to reset, but if you want the settings you have made to permanent, Click the button Save Changes and then close.
Another way on how to restore to default settings, is to apply Basic theme and re-apply Aero theme

AeroTuner is a portable freeware application and develop by hb860.

Download AeroTuner for Windows 7

Mirror Link for AeroTuner:

Download AeroTuner for Windows 7
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