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Enable Aero and Personalization Feature in Windows 7 Starter & Home Basic

Windows 7 Starter and Windows 7 Home Basic doesn’t have an Aero feature by default but with Aero Patch those limitations are now a thing of the past. Aero Patch enables full featured aero glass and personalization features in Windows 7 Home Basic and Windows 7 Starter Edition. – Aero Glass and coloring – Full themes support including RSS and slideshow themes – Peak, Shake and WinFlip 3D – Third party themes support Aero Patch was created by Mr. Dusha and published by Happy Bulldozer via winaero Here’s a video demonstration of Aero Patch in ac...read more

Customize Aero Theme Transparency with AeroTuner

With AeroTuner you can change Aero Stripes amount or even disable them. It can change colors for normal and overlayed windows separately. Tweak the color balance, the blur balance, the aero stripes and the after glow balance, all with the help of this app. Here is a preview of a Windows 7 Aero Default (click thumbnail for larger preview) Here is a preview of a Windows 7 Aero Customized with AeroTuner set to make more clearer and cleaner aero effect (click thumbnail for larger preview) Changes are instant while sliding the bars to your own co...read more